Saturday Night Live: The Best of Jimmy Fallon Review

Yeah I’m reviewing a Best of Collection….well I initially didn’t care for much of Fallons material, given that whenever I saw him he was laughing on screen WHILE doing the sketch. However, this was another late night and I turned to Netflix again out of sheer boredom. I was pleasantly surprised. Not only is Fallon funny, but, for the most part, all of it is REALLY clean. That is a pleasant change compared to most of the comedy coming out of this generation. There were a few sketches that fell flat due to either coming out obnoxious (See: Bee Gees sketch) and the Christmas song was a little dorky. I know that some of it was the style of light humor that Fallon masters, but some of it needed a little more hamming up. Also the news reports with Tina Fey were spot on and damn hilarious. I caught myself clapping a few time…yeah, it was that good sometimes.

Anyway, if you can find it at least rent it first. If you’re a comedy buff, you might as well buy it. I can see why he has his own show now.



No Strings Attached Review


Ivan Reitman in his series of silly quaky movies (Ghostbusters, Meatballs) for whatever the reason decided to make a really good romance comedy. To a certain extent I got to thank him for NOT making a romantic comedy about a coming out of the shell story or every person with reproductive organs fucking everything in sight. The overly dramatic crap seen in most romances have become beyond cliche and freaking irritating to watch. At the same time it isn’t too soft to the point where you want to stop watching it, like other softer romance comedies that try to pull of what he did. Oddly enough I think that’s why it didn’t do a good as it could have. The title probably made most think they’ll get a gander at the always stunning Natalie Portman in the buff. The only thing ya see of her in this movie is her in her underwear. Besides it seems like she like to be a tease, like in Your Highness and the Hotel Chevalier short for Darjeeling Limited.

Anyway, it’s about a long series of silly encounters. Most of it shows how conflicting personalities can strike peoples emotions to render them depressed and nearly useless. Portman is the highly intelligent woman who has no clue how to connect to people. Ashton Kutcher is a someone normal social dude working in the movie biz while his retired actor Dad (Kevin Kline) plays a guiding light. So…how does it go wrong? Well the two have been in love since they were 12 and Kutcher want’s a relationship while Portman doesn’t. After one stupid idea after another for trying to hide their reality of their want, and need, for a relationship, one of them comes up with the terrible idea to go out and hookup with whomever. This leads to Portman exploding in a rather odd and funny scene where she starts calling his hookups pumpkins. They wind up together after they realize they are really there for each other when tragedy strikes. It was surprisingly warmly funny, with little flaws.

On a side note I was surprised at how many well known actors in this have bit roles. Cary Lewis (Princess Bride, Saw) is a background doctor with a majority of like 6 lines. I don’t know. I just thought it was strange.


Strays Review

Diesel is a drug dealing manwhore hood rat who outgrows his friends and does lots to try to change, despite the cover of the movie it isn’t as dramatic as ya might think. But in short it’s a coming of age story for the hood rats. His manwhore buddies sleep around to the point where Diesel gets disgusted by it and stops doing it. The explosive point was where one of them was joking about giving a girl VD and Diesel explodes on them killing the friendship. He pursues a woman and things from his past keep shoving her away. From his old druggie friends looking to score some drugs, to his almost alpha male defenses kicking in when someone checks her out. After a while the harsh realities of his surroundings start to wear on him, so he just outright leaves his friends to go live else where. It kinda displays that a ghetto boy can change if he’s in a better environment with better people.

This was a decent introduction for Diesel, despite it being a indy movie. It was strange due to the fact that there are parts where the sound and video would drop or degrade completely, then it would take a 180 and pick up to almost Spielberg quality. The contrast is distracting from the story itself, but at the same time it makes me wonder if the graininess was suppose to represent the grime of the streets and the lighter moments were his character developing and involved the woman he was trying to pursue. The dialogue is good, but there are some parts where it drags and makes me wonder if they were just adding a few lines to make the movie longer. Everyone, for the most part, gave a strong performance. One of the most notable, and most unexpected, was Mike Epps, even though he’s only there for half the movie. He does shin in this as a decent dramatic performance.

On a funny note, there’s a scene where Diesel goes to a bar with his friends and he’s the whitest dude in there.


Comic Book Villians Review


A dark comedy about how something as simple as rare comic books can tear apart a small town, and a few business along with them. DJ Qualls (The New Guy) gets involved with a local comic store owner, the underrated Donal Logue, who finds out about a guy who died recently has a lot of old comics. It’s rather apparent that Louge’s character wants to own them for the prestige. For sentimental reasons his mother refuses to sell them. However, they end up competing with the other local comic store owners, who have a very rocky marriage. The other comic store owners, played by Michael Rapaport and always cute Natasha Lyonne, try to get them for the money and Lyonne’s character hope it will give them enough financial security to have a child.

They yell and scream at each other, then one of them hits the other with a car. So Donal Logue goes off and hires Cary Elwes (Saw; The Princess Bride) to steal said comics. It only gets bloody from there. Three of the main characters die, one side character gets put in the hospital, and another gets the slammer. This is probably one of the most psychotic roles Donal Logue has ever played, considering his character is a unhappy unfulfilled comic store owner and props to him because he really nailed the performance.

This is one of the simpler Indy films I’ve seen, that isn’t force feeding you bullshit symbolism, but it has heart and tells a good story about a dumb kid who don’t really care about much and comes out of a lot of bad things on top. All in all this is a good movie, but it’s probably a little improbable for some. The ending does go out with a whimper, but it’s still a high note consider all that happens.


Burke & Hare review


A group of poppers go into the corpse business during the 19th century. Unfortunately, they make their means by murdering random people, most of the time by accident, in the streets and then bringing their corpse to the highest bidder at whatever Edinburgh medical college. Due to the peculiar higher class Brits in the medical field, and their fierce competition for making breakthroughs, they don’t care where the corpses are coming from and just pay them regardless of their suspicions. They get caught due to one of their employee (?) being completely fascinated with taking pictures of the recently diciest. Oh and the fact that they made the classic criminal mistake of WRITING DOWN EVERYTHING THEY DID.

This was rather funny, but this isn’t a surprise considering it’s a Brit film and in recent years they’ve really excelled in the ‘real’ style and macabre humor. Which is strange because it was directed by John Landis, who’s been known to do just about everything except dark humor. Also with the premise of the movie they tastefully dealt with the various amounts of blood and gore that could have been there. So it was a nice change from the usual in your face gore fest joke now-a-days. Another nice touch is that they made region specific jokes about Edinburgh, one in particular about the famous Greyfriars Bobby, even though they had the wrong kind of dog.

On top of that the cast was remarkably good, with a few exceptionally stale scenes from Simon Pegg and Isla Fisher. Unfortunately, this was their beginning romantic scenes and from there it kinda showed that they didn’t seem to have romance chemistry. It was odd really, it felt more like a friendship. Which kills the whole subplot of Isla Fisher wanting to put on a all woman play, which didn’t make sense to be in the movie in the first place. Which is bad, because they were the main romantic developed plot throughout the movie. Although Mrs. Fisher is absolutely heavenly with a Scottish accent. On top of that the ending is crap considering the one who did the least amount of damage dies. Oh well. If anything it should be seen for its plucky historical value and a well put together ensemble that, despite really famous now, will pull together to make a really quirky dark movie.



Mrs. Fisher’s accent….yeah yeah, I’m probably just a sap for a pretty face and a good accent.

Love Guru Review


When this came out EVERYONE hated it. But after the 50th time Comedy Central has played it I understand why it failed and how it is funny. Mike Myers typically plays a American male. In Waynes World he played the struggling artist/music buff. In Austin Powers he played what some of the US saw British spy movies as. 54 was the non-stereotypical 70s gay man. Since he usually plays some sort of stronger male figure, to say the least this was just the opposite. This is a softer “lets share our feelings” 60s hippy character. Or a stereotypical Indian love guru, hence the name of the movie. So basically he played something the American public wasn’t accustom to: a slightly effeminate dorky man dealing with interpersonal problems as the LEAD role.

Now as for the story, it’s a little wishy washy. At first it seems like he wants to the the worlds leading Indian advice expert and competes with a Indian version of Dr. Phil or, even Anthony Robbins. After that it jumps all over the place with a mix of light humor and kid humor. That’s why it falls apart, Myers was trying multiple different styles of humor in a movie that didn’t have that much direction. Also most expect a certain wittyness to Myers and when trying humor one isn’t familiar with it’s going to often come out bad, in which half of this movie did b/c of it. The other half of the movie was killed b/c of poor acting on, oddly enough, some vary famous people, like Jessica Alba and Ben Kingsley.

Also another thing that failed with the audience was the region specific humor. There was a lot of cultural humor based upon Canada and India…at which you would have had to have been there or know about it you’ll get the joke…but since more then half of the world doesn’t know/care about anyone but their own country they won’t get it. All in all it’s a OK movie, if you can ignore it’s flaws. If anything this was Myers You Don’t Mess with the Zohan. So is it horrible as people have said it was, no. Was it on the superior levels of humor that Myers usually does, well no again. But it still has some remarkably funny scenes in it.


Bart Got A Room Review

This is a rather simple movie quick indy movie about a kid trying to find a date for prom. At one point it turns into his Dads quest to help him get laid. In the end he realizes how important his family is blah blah blah, friends, blah blah blah, and first loves. Brandon Hardesty, of youtube fame, does a OK role in playing the smart mouth friend. It’s full of coming-of-age humor and light hearted humor. William H Macy and Cheryl Hines are a great edition bringing their seasoned acting skills to a room full of newbies. It’s worth seeing once, if you can find it.


Easy A Review

Olive (Emma Stone) is a wayward NOBODY who has basically two friends in the whole school. Throughout the course of time, and her abuse from her obnoxious blonde friend, she gains a reputation as a hussy. She figures out how to work it to her advantage and deals with most things with grace. In the end blah blah blah she’s fixes everything.

I loved this movie. Yeah I’m a little biased because I’m weak for redheads. Yeah I’m a little biased for having a huge soft spot for the raspy voiced Emma Stone. Then there’s her lovely singing in the movie (her singing == yay!). Then there’s the fact that she’s a super fem chick who wears corsets through half the movie. I can drool over someone I won’t ever meet for day, but whatever.

The cast is fantastic, with few exceptions. Dan Byrd and Bynes were a little stale at some points. I was kinda surprised at all the famous faces in the movie. They had Fred Armisen (SNL fame) and Malcolm McDowell. Oh Lisa Kudrow, who’s usually known for being a ditz, is a really good bitch in this movie. You’ll hate her by the end. Like no really.

I guess the main draw to this is that it was the usual coming-of-age story with a dozen or so twists. Instead of being the miserable basket case. She’s the outsider who doesn’t mind being a outsider and people ruining her reputation over nothing. To a certain extent she reminds me of me. They’d say she was out doing crazy shit when in reality she spent her weekend at home singing a song she hates (loldatshowerscene). Yeah she spends half the movie being little Miss Saint trying to cover everyones ass, but her role as a peace keeper pays off in the end. Also her parents, as well as the other parental figures like Thomas Haden Church, are relatively NORMAL, which is refreshing since in every other teen movie it seems the adults just lose their shit over relatively trivial crap (see 16 Candles, and well, almost everything else). Also there are a lack of cliché characters, which is good. Like I didn’t see the foreigner who can’t speak English or the stupid jock. Everyone had their own little personality and they all seem to mesh rather well.

I actually think I found a new muse to help me write poetry.



For your listening pleasure I’m embedding Mrs. Stone’s singing.

A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas Review

Harold and Kumar are at it again with the same old routine of “I need [x-thing] and need it NOW!” Instead of looking for White Castle this time, they’re looking for a Christmas Tree Kumar burnt down. Needless to say they run into tons of weirdos, including a few familiar older ones like NPH, all the while foruming a Christmas Buddy movie around it all with Ukrainian mobsters. Now yes, it’s a Christmas movie, but not one for the whole family and not one for your Grandparents. In all honesty this is the David Spade and Chris Farley of this generation. For those humor snobs out there, it has something for all of you, from dark humor to dick jokes, to sight gags, and purely stupid jokes. It’s worth a rental, but if your into a really different holiday film that bumbles about w/little character development, then go see it.

Props to Danny Trejo for playing a softer role then what he’s use to. It’s better then what I thought it would be.


Peep World Review

A family falls apart due to a tell all book by one of the fathers sons. In turn one of the sisters has a nervous break down (Sarah Silverman). The other two struggle with every day life. The other struggles with his now found fame. Then they schedule a dinner for their father where everyone unleashes their problems on each other.

This is relatively good considering it seems to be a “growth” film for most of them. Sarah Silverman isn’t just a bitch in this one, she’s a struggling artist so there’s a reason for her attitude. Michael C Hall is the well controlled depressed brother, and does it well. Its good to see him in a role where he isn’t completely fucking creepy. Regardless, the case of rather famous character actors (Stephen Tobolowsky, Judy Greer) helps support them all and brings light to a otherwise uncomfortable comedy.

The story is rather a mess, but it seems to be that way on purpose and lets you make up your own mind on who was what and their reaction to the book that was released. So I don’t mind the plot holes or the fact that it feels like they were taken midway into a story. Sometimes movies aren’t about plot or continued plot. Many, like this dramedy, rely off of the characters and how they interact with each other. So is the way they interact entertaining? Yes. But it meanders everywhere and many would want either a squeal is needed to fill in a few holes or a prequel is needed in order to give the characters a little more light. So it’s a mixed bag of, it’s good for what it is and sometimes feels like it needs more. Regardless, it stands on its on, but most people won’t like it because of this. Also the ending leaves you thinking, “What happened with their Dad?” In the end, it’s good, but very different from what most have seen from the stars that headline this film.