Mouth To Mouth Review

Mild Spoilers ahead.

Ellen Page is a runaway in the slums of Europe. Eventually she runs into a hippy like group named S.P.A.R.K. They masquerade as a charity organization helping drug addicts when in reality it’s about a rich turd who runs a winery and needs helping hands, and massive amounts of therapy. There isn’t much to say about this movie since it’s all random action instead of plot. It jumps from one scene to the next without much direction and basically tries to tell the day-to-day life of Page and her arsehole friends. But for me it’s a little to random sometimes. Like they seem to randomly travel through Europe, and EVERYONE speaks perfect English, with little to no accent difference. Then it jumps from town to town with mild bits of drama that aren’t too interesting. Then the dialogue, that seems like it’s trying to be intelligent, seems to be ruined by the characters whom are, or were, on drugs when talking.

Be hold the rare hot emo Canadian in it’s natural habitat….Europe.

Eventually it comes a point where she runs into her mother at a rave (lolwut?) whilst doing lots of drugs. So her Mom, after having a GIANT argument with her, joins the hippy cult and all things go to hell. Her Mom starts to bone the guy Page was pining for. The hippy camp director turns out to be a power-hungry freak and punishes people for stupid things. Page eventually escapes with one of the hippies, after her best friend dies, and it’s left on a scene of them running giving you the impression they’re going to live a hitch-hikers life. Other then this being one of Pages hotter roles, and although strange, it’s not much to watch for. It really flounders in the end, because there aren’t to many well-developed characters and the ones that are, like Pages, are just average. So watch it if ya have nothing else better to do.


Mouth to Mouth — 6.3 — IMDB


Super Movie Review


Riann Wilson (Frank/Crimson Bolt) is a super abused man who eventually loses his wife to a local drug lord. As he tried to reclaim her he gets kicked the shit out of and then hallucinated that God tells him to become a super hero. So he gradually starts to make his own costume and weapons. While going around knocking people unconscious with a metal wrench he fails a few times and gets the interest of a local comic book shop girl Ellen Page (Libby/Boltie). She loses it and tries her damnedest to become his sidekick. Her and Wilson’s mental instability is only elevated each time Libby, or Wilson’s foes, try something stupid. It ends in an explosive disgusting ending with a bitter almost sorrowful look at a ‘hero’ who is probably just nuts, but he knows he did the right thing.

I hate this movie which is weird, because everything is spectacular, EXCEPT for the script. Ellen is incredibly cute and creepy at the same time, but her character is questionable due to the fact that she is an adrenalin junkie and her obscure behavior leaves you wondering if she just likes killing people or knows what it means to be a vigilante. Wilson’s character is charming, although a tad depressing due to all the things that KEEP happening to him. Regardless of the person and character they are inexplicably fantastic.

The thing that separates this from say ‘Kick-Ass‘ in the realms of dark comedy is that it knows when to fucking stop and is slightly more realistic than this. For example: In ‘SuperWilson rides around in his OWN CAR WITH LICENSE TAGS IN TACKED, while in ‘Kick-Ass‘ they’re roaming the streets. Then the knowing when to stop: in ‘Kick-Ass‘ it shows spouts of blood and some mild gore. ‘Super‘ shows Wilson’s character having a panic attack, because he’s afraid of going to prison. In turn it graphically showing him getting raped in prison. That’s one thing I can’t unsee, Wilson’s ass getting humped by another HUGE man. This was blatantly unfunny and had zero purpose being in the movie.

So this over the top spoof on comic book hero’s is disgusting in all the worst ways possible and it doesn’t stop till half the cast dies. To say the least there isn’t anything super about ‘Super‘, except its remarkable cast that have some rather interesting chemistry.


05/11/12 — I wrote the reviewed this a while ago and I more or less realized the ending ruined the rest of a maybe redeemable film. The ending more or less showed that the good guys usually get NOTHING in the end, despite their suffering, and evil, in some form, does eventually win. What I meant by this is that it reminded me of real life too much. In the end of most instances, stories, what have you, the bad guy usually wins or the good guy goes through a lot for nothing.