Red State Movie Review

This review contains SPOILERS!

Kevin Smith‘s first horror movie is a dark farce based on the Westboro Baptist Church and brainwashing. It starts with a bunch of highschool kids (three in this case) joining a bunch of sex sites in order to get laid. They find a local chick and it turns out to be a trap from the local crazy church. So the 3 kids are tied up and everything goes to shit.

This was a decent horror movie, but it rolled along the lines of a action/suspense/thriller. There was only a little horror, in my opinion. However it was a great, well, everything else was. The thing I didn’t get was the continuously unrealistic portrait of the ATF. They were pretty much shown as merciless killing machines. Yeah, sure, the local PD might be, but the ATF, and maybe the FBI, are usually know for STOPPING them. Not causing more deaths. At one point the Joseph Keenan character (John Goodman) states that they are going to send in jet fighters to carpet bomb the house and kill everyone inside….lolwut? If it was that small of a incident they’d get snipers on a hill and shoot people inside, not CARPET BOMB the place.

There’s also a lot of symbolism in it all. The church can be interpreted as a allegory for both our homeland struggles with weirdos like the Westboro Baptist Church and even the harsher side of Islam. The closet homosexuals are probably a acknowledgment that they are usually shunned, and sometimes killed, in small towns. But the message at the end was clear: people perceptions won’t waiver despite the outcome. If someone thinks they’re still a good guy, even after murdering 30 some people, then they’ll go to jail thinking they’re the “good guy” and they did the right thing. It’s almost a arrogant Hilter-esk view of where they can’t mentally accept, or handle the fact, that they did something wrong.

On one last note it’s VERY odd to see a bunch of well known comedian actors (Stephen Root; Kevin Pollak), not only being funny in this HORROR movie, but also getting killed. Also if you’re a Kevin Smith fan, you should know that he actually moves the damn camera this time. LOL. Also I’ll give him some props for branching out into a genera that is hard to master. This is worth seeing once, but since I’m not a fan of the horror genera, then I can’t recommend it or compare it to anything else. But since it has a good amount of action in it I’d kinda recommend it as a couples movie, after you’ve gotten to know each other some, lol. This isn’t recommended for anyone who’s religiously sensitive, like most Kevin Smith films.


IMDB – 6.2


Prometheus Review

I wish I could get a signed copy of that…lol…

Spoilers HO!

A group of scientists find repeat carvings and signs throughout old world artwork. In turn they discover a constellation with similar star patterns that match the carvings. So a big corporation helps foot the bill ($Trillion+) to go find the alien planet. On the way there the crew share their beliefs as to what is actually out there and post some general questions about belief and life in general. Nothing new. Then they land, discover aliens, tombs, and some black ooze. Eventually, as all horror movies have, everything goes to hell, FAST.

I enjoyed this film because unlike the other 4 it wasn’t all brash and gore. It had some mild philosophy and had decent character development. The philosophy basically helped clarify some peoples stronger positions on things like religion and how others would think that way. This did give foreshadowing to their decisions later in the movie. Don’t get me wrong the character development wasn’t fantastic, but it was good in between running and dying.

It does have some mild cliches in it, but they are easily over looked considering most CHANGE throughout the movie and slowly develop into something else. Like the robot so disassociated with humanity eventually finds his own humanity. The movie, for the most part, felt like it was only made to answer SOME questions from all the other 4 that were made. It does set itself up for a squeal, and I hope it gets one. Also if you have some basic knowledge of things you should be able to follow along with this fast paced film.

Here’s a example: at the beginning it gives a very strange ceremony. It, if you know your history, is liken to the way Socrates died. This confuses most people because you have to pay attention to the opening and know history, some knowledge as to how civilizations traditionally formed and punished their people. So basically he killed himself, because that’s how his fellow aliens were punishing him. A whole “kill yourself or we’ll kill you” kinda thing. So I guess it was giving a clue as to how our own culture was shaped. Also there are murals everywhere later in the movie, because they were warning signs.

Also some people were complaining it marketed itself as ‘deep.’ But I don’t see how it did. It was just a regular reboot of a franchise and promised a few thrills, which it did deliver. Regardless it isn’t a bad movie, but you do need to go into it with some intelligence in order to fill in the answers here and there. Also others have complained about a final scene with Charlize Theron, before her character dies. When someone PANICS, they DON’T think. It’s just OH FUBAR RUN! She’s hot as a complete bitch….anyway.

I WON’T recommend this as a date movie considering there will be a few scenes that will make you think twice before wanting to ‘hold [their] hand,’ as the Beatles put it.


IMDB – 7.6

In God We Rust Review

Lewis Black is back with his usual ranting, story telling, snide, cynical, and mild mental break down style of comedy. He splurges on a few topical subjects like new inventions (iPhone, Droid), the terrorist who tried to blow up Boston with a bomb strapped to his groin, and even touches on Facebook games. He still rains supreme as the Master of political insult comedy, but this comedy special he seems a little less energetic then the other performances he has done. He has a few pauses that are almost too long between jokes.

Traditionally he’d leave pauses to let the audience breath again in between jokes that will make you laugh to the point of exhaustion. However, this time some are almost during mid joke and are slightly distracting. It doesn’t really ruin the jokes, but it leaves the viewer a little impatient sometimes. He does cover the same subjects a few times, but he still has enough jokes to keep everything fresh. Some of his best segments are when he’s busting on the town he’s doing the standup in. He ranked it as one of the top 3 places in the world to commit suicide.

“If Facebook is going to be worth 50 Billion dollars. Just imagine how much real shit is going to be worth.”

Goddamn, I love Lewis Black. It’s worth a rental if you’re a casual comedy fan. If you’re a insult comic buff, buy it.


IMDB – 6.7

Puncture Movie Review


Spoilers ahead!

Mike Weiss (Chris Evans) is a drug addicted lawyer, who some how manages, while handling multiple personal injury lawsuits with his coworker Paul Danziger (Mark Kassen). Eventually they stumble upon case of where a lady is suing a hospital she works for b/c the needles she used on a patient gave her AIDs. In turn they learn about a no poke needle the hospital could have used and pull the case up against congress on how it’s infringing on anti-trade laws, or some such thing. In the mean time they get worn out due to hospital visits by Danziger’s wife, who’s pregnant, and Weiss who’s trying to get himself clean in order to push bills through Congress in order to let hospitals void their exclusive purchasers contract. After a while most things just smolder under their efforts to help people have cleaner needless.

This, sadly enough, is based on a true story. It’s also one of the FEWER that is more true to the story then most movies that “base” themselves off something. This is a good movie if you tire of the hippies complaining about ‘corporations’ but don’t ever really display any evidence. It shows how, in the background, despite the face the wondrous US government puts on, there are still backdoor deals going on between pharmaceuticals and various political parties that put their own needs before the nation(s). It’s a truly overwhelmingly depressing concept, if you can grasp it all from watching this movie, that one little thing like clean needles can save billions of lives.

This mellow drama story is fantastic, but the delivery is dry because most of it is a court room drama and most of the characters aren’t too interesting. That being said they probably aren’t interesting due to the fact that they are based off real people. Most real people aren’t over the top. It’s just irritating to run into one stuffy lawyer character, into another, then into a stuffy political senator, especially when they state stupid things that defy simple logic, which the LAWS they are suppose to know are based upon.

Like one lawyer crys over the billion dollar stipend the US govt forced on the tobacco companies basically saying it didn’t do ‘any good’ and that it didn’t stop people from smoking. This is where laws and governmental jurisdiction end and that pesky thing called free-will happens. It doesn’t matter if the govt taxes them trillions, people will still smoke if they want to and those who don’t won’t. Just because the all-mighty gooberment said these people were naughty doesn’t mean it’s citizens will listen, nor care (see Vietnam). Then he uses that weak logic for giving up trying to be a better ethical lawyer and basically goes after whoever gives him the biggest checks. Clearly the man doesn’t have any gasp on the concept: damage control. YES, people will still smoke, but due to some of the courts hoopla some WILL stop or simply not start to being with.

Also the comparison between the cigarette laws and the health code laws wasn’t a sound argument. Cigarette usage is a option. Using needles to deliver medicine to the bloodstream is the fastest easiest method. It, most of the time, ISN’T optional, considering many might die if they don’t. So what was his logic for not helping Weiss? Did he think that if people switch needles they’d stop dying from AIDs?

Then Weiss is a strange character all together for Evans to play. He does HEAPS of drugs, loses track of time, shows symptoms of addiction, for years and seems to get up each day and walk into work completely fine. Then all of a sudden it strikes and he winds up in the hospital with a laundry list of things wrong with him from arterial wall weakness to cysts. I guess this is just how some peoples biological factories (i.e. their body) work differently. Some twitch forever while on drugs, while others learn to deal.

Evans performance in this was decent and did outshine most of the cast, but it wasn’t stellar. For the most part it was a growth film for most involved, seeing as they were standard or had such a side part it almost wasn’t even noticable. However some exception is made to Marshall Bell and  Michael Biehn. It’s good to still seem them in showbiz. Toward the end Evans picks up and shows a decent amount of anguish when going through withdrawal symptoms and a good argument segment with Mark Kassen in the car. The random whistle blower at the end is so standard it’s almost cliché. He comes out of nowhere with ground breaking evidence that would smash any in courtroom case, but the delivery is so weak considering most could figure out what was happening before he showed up that it was only adding almost a redundancy to the painful realizations of how big the case was. Either it needed to be beefed up some or something added to it, because the character was forgettable.

For the most part the film is a decent one shot and it is worth watching once. However the ending leaves you a little bitter, considering what happens to Weiss remains a mystery, and the real ending to the court case ends on a slight fizzle due to the fact that it’s displayed in a paragraph of text.


IMDB – 6.8 –


Fierce People Review

Please forgive any misspellings. I’m typing this with a cut left index finger.

A massage therapist floozy drug addict sleeps around and eventually has Anton Yelchin. It turns out the guy she shagged was some famous anthropologist. Anyway, a elderly guy, Donald Sutherland, calls her up one day offering her a long term job as his personal massage therapist before he passes. When they get there they’re welcome with open arms and about midway through some hell breaks loose.

For the most part this movie was mildly dull. Maybe because I’ve see the old fashioned “Rich-accepts-the-poor-to-only-rape-them-later” story too many times. The love scenes were almost pedophilia-esk considering how young Stewert and Yelchin were at the time. I really couldn’t connect with any of the characters, and I didn’t give a shit about their ‘problems.’ Most of their problems were due to their own stupidty and/or the always selfish “pretty white people with problems” kinda thing.

Some people are saying there are deeper meanings behind this or that part of the movie. Well, yeah, but if they weren’t so BLANTANTLY obvious, then I might give a crap. Like the whole sub plot of the father who’s famous anthropologist that the main character hasn’t ever meet DIDN’T ever matter except ONCE. A major subplot they drilled into your head in the beginning of the movie doesn’t every really matter accept ONE time. Other then that it didn’t really matter. Yeah Yelchin goes on about, once you do [x-thing] the tribe accepts you, but you can easily say that about the Marines, Comic Geeks, or any other large clique. So why does it matter? It doesn’t!

The characters are bland to the point of forgettable, even though they are mildly tolerable. The floozy Mom was irritating, yet standable. The kid was under played. All in all everyone gave a good performance, but I couldn’t stand that it felt like everyone was under playing their role, or maybe their characters were this drab. Chris Evans was exceptionally creepy toward the end. There were scenes were he was good old fashioned creepy and only ONE where he didn’t feel creepy enough. I can’t recommend this, but due to the effort put into this movie by the actors I’m probably rating higher then I want to. So I’m adding a sub rating to emphasize my distaste for this story.

Overall – 4/10

Story – 3/10

Acting – 7/10

EDIT 2012/06/10 @4:30pm

Another thing I hated about this movie was that after the kid Yelchin get’s raped he goes on a nonsensical rant and says, “People will say once [Yelchin] got it in the ass, he really got his shit together.” Or something like it. This didn’t make any sense to me, because out of most of the characters HE was one of the FEW who was DECENT and had his head on his shoulders. He didn’t need to get his shit together! He already had it together, he just needed to stop being a horney teen and get a job!!!