This Is Spinal Tap Movie Review

Mild Spoilers!

Marty DeBergi (Rob Reiner) follows a British rock band around the world on their comeback tour. In turn he learns about the artists, and realizes they are complete idiots. On various stage shows everything that can go wrong, does, and they even have squabbles over gimmicky things in order to keep people interested in their music. It also slowly following them from the ‘creative’ process of making a melody to even trouble while switching managers.

This completely shows most bands struggles in completely realistic ways and does it while taking the semi-serious comedy that is liken to most British sitcoms. At the same time it’s a really nice old style comedy where there’s joke setups, running gags, and even various spoofs of what they’re doing. Also a lot of the time it’s really wordy and it’s really intelligently done. To a certain extent it’s some of Mike Judge‘s style of comedy: it’s ‘smart’ dumb comedy. Although it’s surreal due to the fact they all are clearly hacks. It’s like watching one of ‘those people’ who wants to stay on top and took their poor, well, everything way to seriously. It’s almost like watching a crash and burn joke band that made it big and no one really know why.

Which is what most of the whole cast pulled off rather well. It’s just strange to see well seasoned actors now seem so completely GREEN, like Fred Willard and even Michael McKean in some areas. Christopher Guest stood out as a damn natural and it was almost eery how well he pulled the dumb rocker off. Michael McKean was hilarious on how well he could sing such dorky lyrics and he really did pull off a decent English accent. But what am I saying it isn’t about the acting, it’s about the jokes.

Let’s face it the whole reason to watch this movie is the jokes. The story is just damn weird, and due to not being a huge rock fan I think I’ve missed a few. However, there’s enough joke that are written plainly enough that anyone could get them. Like one of the best run on gags is about their drummer(s) dying under mysterious circumstances. One of the funnier scenes is where Harry Shearer is walking through a metal detector and he has a cucumber stuffed in his pants wrapped in tin foil. It’s almost classic as to how the joke is set up, but it’s different in how it’s executed.

If you can find it watch it at least once, with extended outtakes/clips. Some of the best ones are with Billy Crystal. It’s funny, but due to how far comedy has come the jokes will be a little dated and ‘smart’ dumb comedy isn’t for everyone. Also if you buy it on Blu-ray, like I did, the film doesn’t seem to have transferred well. Yes, some of it was probably done intentionally, but there was more graininess then what most would intend to do. Still at least watch it once.


IMDB – 8.0


Friends with Benefits Movie Review

Jamie Rellis (Mila Kunis; AKA Goddess Pele) is hunting for a new writer for GQ, in New York. Justin Timberlake is a head writer for some geek magazine in LA. She finds his resume somewhere and offers him a job. In doing so she shows him around the city and they get to know each other. During a flash mob he decides to take a job. During a work day they hang out together and decided to be Friends with Benefits.

First off this had a considerable amount of nudity in it for nearly no reason. Secondly, while trying not to be cliché like most love stories, it does veer off into the cliches a more then a few times. I love Kunis in most of her movies and I’ve enjoyed Timberlake in many of his comedic works, but I didn’t care for this too much. The chemistry between the two was more of a ‘friends’ vibe then the ‘lovers and don’t know it yet’ thing. The beginning of the movie was pretty much pretty people having sex. Great! Thanks for reminding me of something that won’t ever happen for me! Asswipe! Then it strives along of lines of them getting to know each other sexually, which really doesn’t add anything to the story line. Humorous, yes, but not much else. It dipped into why they had problems. It had the usual angry brake up and they got back together through help of Timberlake‘s family and friends. The ending was unique, but it didn’t make up for the rest of the film that dragged a little.

When it dives into the actual story: why they both have commitment issues, it does get interesting. Both reasons were different then most story lines, and entertaining. Both were legitimate reasons, but after seeing that both had so much going for them and the only acceptation was that they didn’t have their ‘true love’ then I could have given a crap. They have so much to be thankful for to the point that it shouldn’t have hurt so bad that they were without that one thing. I’ve done it for 20 some years, both their characters sounded like they did it for at least 5 each. Like 4realz kiddies! Ya’ll just need to build a bridge and get over it already. Yeah both had their struggles with their parents, but their characters seemed to handle them well. So what was the big deal? Seriously, their problems weren’t that bad.

Timberlake‘s acting was actually spot on for most of the melodramatic parts of the movie, be he wavered during some of the romantic scenes. Hey, that’s a difficult thing to fake, so oh well. Kunis was lovely as usual, but a few angry parts were a little toned down. Like where she screams “fuck yourself” and walks away from a guy she was trying to day. It was instant and then dropped off with little angry emotion. Richard Jenkins was a great addition to the cast as Timberlake‘s Dad, and his seasoned acting actually helped carry some of the more dramatic scenes. Shaun White, while slightly funny, was more annoying then plausible as a jerk, but hey, he’s a snow border, not a actor. Jenna Elfman was actually decent as a sassy sister and its good to see her on screen again.

This was a decent film. It had it’s laughs, and guest appearances abound would make you think they ALL LIVE IN NEW FUCKING YORK. It’s worth a rental and would be a decent date movie. I’ll admit I own it, but I don’t know if I’ll watch it much.


IMDB – 6.6

The Book of Eli Review


In a post-apocalyptic world Eli (Denzel Washington) hears a voice and is told to deliver a copy of the King James Bible to a worthy colony, in the west. In his journeys he runs into a ‘mayor’ (Gary Oldman) who wants the book in order to try to control people. During some of the fighting it’s uncovered that all copies of all religious text have been burned and destroyed after ‘the flash,’ which is assumed that it means a massive nuclear strike. So it’s assumed the nuclear disaster happened due to religious reasons, but it isn’t really fully discussed.

For the most part the story was as dreary as most wasteland tales. So it had some standard themes. Although since there aren’t that many post-apocalyptic movies so I was glad to say it stuck to some of the elements. Like in most scenes the cinematography consists of a stale melancholy of earthy tones and almost brown hews. It’s almost looks like a mixture of bleach in some areas and brown toilet water in others. So they have the grimy aura down.

The thing that sticks out about this film is that it isn’t completely unrealistic and the characters are different from the standard wasteland stereotypes. It even has a few ethical dilemmas that would be realistic of survivalists, a surviving colonies, or even a pre-1800’s settlers colony. So naturally it had a almost old-timey themed incidences with modern characteristics attached to them.

Since the movie held older themes it does have slight religious ties to it, which I don’t mind. It’s obvious that Denzel Washington‘s character things he’s some sort of disciple of a Christian God, but it’s muddled here and there. It hints at things, but it lets the audience decide for their own without being forceful. Even Gary Oldman‘s bad guy is relatively simple. He knows that religion is a powerful thing and easily corruptible, which has only be established since the beginning of people better understanding of social contracts and forums. However, some of the characters weren’t too believable in certain situations.

Mila Kunis did pull off a decent gig as being a midget badass. However, her character was awkward in a few areas. She grew up in a hostile environment and it seemed that half the time she had no means of self defense, nor any CLUE as to how to defend herself. It’s like, really? Everyone and their Grandmother had a freaking knife. Where the hell was hers? Although she was rather good at being a convening crier. Which is impressive since most actors/actresses, even the well trained ones, completely suck at it most of the time. Seriously, props Mrs. Kunis, that’s one of the hardest things any performer can do: convincingly fake crying. There were only two things she slipped up on, but other then that she was great for that role.

Denzel Washington‘s portrayal of a moral, intensely focused, calm man was refreshing. He usually plays similar roles as similar to Samuel L. Jackson, except he’s passively-aggressive black man #7 instead of angry screaming black man #7. This character, out of most of them, was built rather well. It’s nice to see religiously driven characters, with a sense of right and wrong. Gary Oldman on the other had was very good, but he pretty much played the same role as some of his other movies. He was [x-smart bad guy] and wanted power. We’ve seen this before, but he still pulled it off well. Also something odd I noticed is that Ray Stevenson‘s, decent actor btw, character didn’t seem fully developed. It seemed like he lacked something. It was obvious he had some sort of attachment to Mila Kunis‘s character, but it never really went anywhere. On another note: Evan Jones was a decent brain dead merc, until Washington killed him.

Goddess Pele on her way back to Munchkin Land. 😛

This was really enjoyable. It was like a mixture of The Pianists survival themes, with a dreary undertone of uncertain holocaust that is rarely seen in cinema. If you’re sensitive to religion being attached in any way to a movie, don’t see this. Various religious themes, and often discussed elements, show up every other 30 minutes of the movie. However, it might be worth it considering the ending is really heartwarming. Hopefully they’ll make more survivalist/post-apocalyptic since they’ve proven they can be successful, unlike weird ones like The Boy and His Dog.


IMDB – 6.8

I have to include this great comment from youtube:

Meg kicked ass in this movie, Peter should be proud.” – edithlegacy

Goon Movie Review

Some Spoilers!

Doug Glatt (Seann William Scott) is the black sheep of the family. He, as most underdog stories go, is a complete loser. On top of being a low level bouncer, he’s really dreadfully stupid. To make matters worse he’s in a really strict Jewish family with high standards and they look down on him for his current and future jobs. Eventually, he kicks someones ass at a local hokey game and it gets the attention of a minor league team.

This is one of the better Dramedies I’ve see in a while. A lot of the story, as stated above, is basically a character driven story. So it’s all about seeing how people interact with one another. Now it is true maybe more then 30 minutes of the movie is just fighting, but it’s spanned out and flows with the story quiet well. The romance between Scott and Alison Pill is rather cute. She pretty much opens up and says she’s a ho and Scott‘s character is just so dorky for her he completely ignores it. To a certain extent the most character development in the film is Pill‘s character and she’s only there half the time. Another notiable thing is how well Scott‘s character deals with negativity. He just roles with the punches and is continually good spirited. It’s hard to find people like that.

The only down side of the whole movie is that the recovering hockey player, Marc-André Grondin, that Scott is suppose to be helping protect. Yes, his character get’s trashed on, yeah he’s the ‘suffering’ athlete, but rarely is he useful in most of the story line. Yeah, he does help the story move along sometimes, but there isn’t much in character growth or action. Although Grondin did do a good job at being a obnoxious bastard.

This is probably Scott‘s best performance so far, or at least better performance then his other films. He wasn’t the usual funny douche. He actually pulled off, and rather well, a strong willed and straight laced moron with good morals. It’s great to see someone with higher morals in a industry that just likes to make shit characters. With this role it pretty much proved to me that the man can act. Alison Pill, who is SO DAMN CUTE, is the damaged beauty who eventually figures out she’s worth something. She really does shine at the end, but most of her acting is good for the scenes she’s in.

“I dig hockey players. The violence. The beer. I get horny a lot.” — Eva

It’s nice to see Jay Baruchel in another movie. He did a decent job for being the over active broski, but I guess I need to see more of his stuff before I critique his work. Although with some of the true bros out there, that’s EXACTLY how they behave. Eugene Levy (Second City TV fame and those damn Pie movies) does a decent melodramatic role and I hope he’ll consider doing more serious stuff in the future. It was a nice change of pace to see him do something other then being a goof. Also Liev Schreiber as the ‘bad’ guy was a good choice. He maintains a creepy aura about him the entire movie. Not only because the character knows what he is, but more or less ya get the hint his character enjoys it too. Also Liev Schreiber is just horrendously underrated. Someone just needs to give him a few dozen roles. Kim Coates does a great job being the worn out coach, but his screen time is sparse.

Another thing I’ve got to say about this movie is that the cinematography. I don’t see how this got away at the box office. It’s basically a Canadian Forest Gump, but with hockey and a little less decade by decade self discovery. See it if you can find it.

O’ Canada, you snowy bastards can make a great movie.


IMDB – 6.9

Religulous Review

Bill Marh, being one of the better political comedians of this society, made a rather lengthy documentary about the ‘dangers’ of religion. He’s made a impressive amount of interviews to fill this 2 hour film while traveling the world. Some are rather entertaining, like when he discusses the Christian religion with a cynical Vatican priest. Then some leave ya worried if someone will leave the interview alive, like when he was interviewing some very religious Muslims. The documentary goes into the questioning if God exists and if questions many of the stories found in the bible.

Marh did a decent job interviewing most people, but there were a few segments where it looked like he was verbally attacking them too much. It’s like he forgot this wasn’t his show. There he CAN verbally attack the celebrities and political pundits that come on and push buttons, because they are use to it and trained to deal with other peoples shit. Like there was this one segment where he was interviewing a man in a green t-shirt who ran some Jesus store and he’d get a answer from a guy and he’d instantly chim back with something. That isn’t a bad thing, but with the first few answers the guy gave it was obvious he wasn’t going to change his answer, despite Marh‘s questioning. Like the guys posture he later gave was very withdrawn and almost on a defensive side, it was beyond obvious that Marh was slowly insulting him, but the guy was too polite to say anything about it. Then a few phrase did intrigue me about Marh. Like the one he said at the end of his film:

“To doubt is humble” – Bill Marh

Well, yes. That’s very astute of him, but with the well placed bits in between interviews it makes me wonder if he was trying to have people at least question their religion or just tare them a new one. Like it wasn’t good enough to make them doubt, but to belittle some of their beliefs.

With being a comic, sometimes you have to challenge society and do it in a interesting fashion in order WHILE preserving the peace. This, I assure you, is beyond difficult. So I wouldn’t doubt that that is what Marh was trying to do, but it came off as a little aggressive in some areas and ruined the jokes.

While I do applaud his efforts to thin out some of the religious zeal in the world, but I got tired of this documentary due to the fact that:

(A) it isn’t anything I haven’t heard already and

(B) I’m super tired of the whole discussion about religion in America. I honestly think it shouldn’t be that big of a deal, just like the gay issue. This subject is so incredibly worn on me that I couldn’t give a flip if the nation became HP Lovecraft-ians and worshiped Cthulhu. Because the simplest answer for most of this is just to stay away from those over zealous ridiculous groups, like the Westboro Baptist Church, and enjoy life. It even happened in the film. A elderly fat man whom he was interviewing pretty much said he didn’t care to have someone challenge his beliefs for the billionth time and got up and left.

Also (C ) a lot of this was all subjective due to the fact that there are a million or so interpretations about anything and he was looking for one SINGLE answer in that mess. It isn’t like Joe-schome, which is what he primarily interviewed, was going to have the answer. It’s something humanity has asked itself since the beginning of time. Or better yet after the years of disgusting abuse that we’ve (the entire human race) has done to each other: Why would a omnipotent being want to contact us? If I was God I know I sure as fuck wouldn’t want to.

This subject matter isn’t for me, but I do hope Marh makes more documentaries in the future.


IMDB – 7.7

Ted Movie Review

Mild Spoilers!

Mark Wahlberg is a outcast as a kid. Once Christmas he gets a stuffed bear as a present from his parents. So he becomes attached to it and wishes it was real one day. In turn the bear comes to life and grows up with Wahlberg, with some mild media attention. I mean seriously, it’s a talking fuckin’ stuffed toy. Who wouldn’t be interested in it. Eventually, everyone forgets about it and they move into a apartment. Wahlberg eventually finds love in Mila Kunis while he works at a car dealership. Eventually Kunis gets tired of being the third wheel, so Wahlberg asks him to move out. Ted (Seth MacFarlane) find himself needing a job in order to move out.

This is not one of the funniest movies of all time, but it had some of the best dialogue and transitional plot that I’ve seen in a long while. On top of all that just about everything added in the movie helps develop the characters. From the dorky movies they watch (like Flash Gordon) to the weird cultural references. To a certain extent the characters feel real and genuine. It’s almost like ya know them through the actors ease of emotional transition and vocal patters…well this is getting a bit in depth.

As you can guess anything with Seth MacFarlane is sure to have lots of laughs. Well it really does. Dozens even. Although some of the jokes not only didn’t make sense, but were just really odd. It isn’t that they weren’t funny, but they were more or less exceedingly awkward. There’s one scene when Ted and Wahlberg are at a aquarium and Ted starts talking about fish in a anthropomorphic manner. He does two dialogues while panning to different fish and one talks about a frightened man going to New York. Either I missed the first half of the joke, or it was just so odd that I had to laugh. Also the increase of smut humor, without nudity, was a little higher then previous works of Seth MacFarlane, or anyone for that matter.

Everyone does a decent job acting. It’s actually good to see Mark Wahlberg NOT going around punching people in the face and shooting others up. Giovanni Ribisi, as usual, is astoundingly great, considering how creepy his role was. There were a few side characters who didn’t really add anything to the plot, so I don’t see why they were there. Like near the beginning one comes on the screen as an astoundingly bright and happy character, then he has a whopping two lines and isn’t really seen again until the end. I will say it’s refreshing to see Mila Kunis in a normal role where she isn’t being a complete bitch (see That 70’s Show & After Sex). She did a great job as the more ‘mature’ one of the group while Wahlberg developed from party-teen-man to a actual man.

All in all this is probably one of the best Bromance/Romcom’s I’ve seen in a while. However, the humor isn’t for everyone. On top of that a lot of it is really odd, even to my taste. A lot of it is cultural references, word play, and quick wit. This sounds standard, for anyone who knows comedy formula, but it’s how they’re structured and how they’re written. So I can’t recommend it to everyone, but then again that’s the charm of the whole movie: the unique characters. Whatever, I’ll be buying it when it comes out.

Please go see this in theaters. It is a real treat.


IMDB – 7.8

I forgot to mention look out for Mila Kunis‘s towel scene in the movie. Le-hubahuba.

The IT Crowd — BritCom — Review

Two IT workers in Reynholm Industries get a new boss (Katherine Parkinson) in order to get them to stop being layabouts. Roy Trenneman (Chris O’Dowd) and Maurice Moss (Richard Ayoade) quickly figure out that she knows nothing about IT and she quickly figures out they have ZERO social skills. Through some resistance they eventually accept each other. In turn they learn from each other while fumbling through life and work.

This is pretty much Britain’s response to The Big Bang Theory (TBBT), but with less people. However, with this ‘relying off the nerd stereotypes’ formula for whatever reason this humor is a little cleaner and has less mean spirited jokes. This is odd considering Britain had huge advancements in comedy by the king of mean Ricky Gervais. The hijinks that ensue usually follow along with the story quite well. In fact many of the stories are just one giant joke, the most notable and funniest episodes (episode 4: The Red Door) is just that. Which are high marks of the series.

Another thing that makes this show work so well is the character development and their roles in keeping each other sane, uh, kinda. Like the head boss of the company, eventually played by Matt Berry, is pretty much comic relief of every other episode. Parkinson is the calmer cute one trying to keep everything together, while trying to get her own life in order. Moss is pretty much the go to guy for anything super techy (see the iPod episode), although severely socially hampered. Then Chris O’Dowd is pretty much the normal one trying to get the rest to realize simple things, even though he’s a little erratic in some cases. If I’m right he’s the one that screams the most. They all have great chemistry and are all balanced well in most episodes. It’s rare to see this in comedies considering most actors off screen are competing against each other in real life or are that comfortable together on screen consider most Americans are more susceptible to drama. So sometimes it’s actually caught on camera that the joke went awry and offended the other cast member. It isn’t ever seen in this show, which is good.

The only gimmicky kinda cheap shot jokes are easily over looked due to the good story telling and large amount of subtle fun jokes. They don’t stand there and say Nintendo and expect the audience to laugh, like in some episodes of TBBT. They actually have lead ups and a quick executions and then off to the next joke. The methodology is old, but the contents in the jokes themselves are defined by this generation, which is why they work so well. TBBT does rely off of same kind of structure of jokes, but they rely more off of key words, sometimes, or old stereotypes of the geek culture. Also with this show they expand BEYOND the geek culture a lot. So it didn’t get too stale by relying off of too much geek humor.

They’ve announced the next season of the IT Crowd. The first episode will be called: “Fan Service.”

A notably odd thing about this series is that each season only consists of 6 episodes a season. What the hell? Also it extended from 2006 to 2010. WTH? Why did it take 4 years to pump out 4 seasons with only 6 episodes a piece? The only thing I can think of is any filming restrictions in Britain. This, despite it’s short episodic seasons, is probably one of the better shows to come out of Britain in a while. It’s a shame it won’t be running anymore. Watch it if you can find it.

The only reason it got a 8.0, instead of a 9, which is what it use to be on IMDB, is because they canceled the damn show and due to the fact that some of the episodes the lighting was absolutely atrocious. Either it was super grainy in some episodes, to rather dark, and in a few it was just tooooo damn bright in other episodes.


IMDB – 8.9

This Means War Review

Two CIA agents lose a main suspect in a case and cause millions worth of damage to someones property. Due to this, they are put on leave for about 6 months, or something like it. In the mean time Tuck (Tom Hardy) tries to settle things with his ex-wife(Abigail Spencer) in order to be with his kid. Hardy tries to look for a relationship and joins a dating site. Lauren (Reese Witherspoon) is the first to respond to his date ad. FDR Foster (Chris Pine) becomes a bored one night so he wonders about and runs into Witherspoon in a movie store, hits on her, and he asks her out. Eventually, they find out they’re dating the same woman. They make a agreement to let the woman choose, while keeping tabs on each other. It eventually boils down to them sabotaging each others dates with her.

This is basically a guys action movie with romance thrown in. There’s plenty of fight scenes, sex jokes, and dorky situational humor for everyone. The casting was good for this flick, because it seems they picked these people for their expertise in each role. Pine‘s pretty much plays the same role as he did in Star Trek, a smartass. Hardy is the ex-con demeanor heart of gold tuff ass, which is like most of his roles. Then Witherspoon still delivers the good girly-girl charm she always does in romance movies. The only one who stood out as green, or a little unsure of the role, was Chelsea Handler. This is odd considering she’s preformed some 16 other times in movies and tv. None-the-less it’s good to see her funny arse on the big screen. Besides that, they were all pretty natural and it helps with the timing on many of the one liners.

This, for the most part, this isn’t a story based movie. It’s another character driven film. So 85% of it is about how Pine’s character changes for Witherspoon and her confusion on choosing between the two. During this time Hardy deals with not trying to beat his friends ass into the ground and slowly puts his life back together with his ex-wife. This mess drove up some interesting dialogue between Pine’s and Hardy’s character. Since they are, were?, on the opposite ends of the concepts of marriage, partners, and the like. Yes some of it was sammy, and you could hear it else where, but this film gave it a little edge by throwing in more gun fire and notably good chemistry between all the cast members WHILE fighting. The fire fight at the beginning, the infamous paintball scene, and the end were rather entertaining.

The only down sides to this film is that the during some of the fight scenes the camera is really damn shaky. Yeah, it adds ‘realism’, but there was at least one or two scenes were I was left thinking ‘wtf just happened? I couldn’t see shit!’ Some people will get tired of the gimmicks Pine and Hardy do in order to win over Witherspoon, but it’s all in good fun. Remember, it’s a movie. If it did happen in real life, both would have been fired and ruined each others friendship(s) because of it and drove Witherspoons character bonkers. So rent it at least once and it’s a good date movie. If I ever make the list it will be on my top 20 Romance movies list.


IMDB – 6.4

The Answer Man

Jeff Daniels plays another smart role as a disturbed writer who becomes super famous and is driven into seclusion because of it. The book was about how he can talk to God, which in reality he just wrote down his own wisdom, and then people start to rely off of him for everything. Which would dive anyone insane. Regardless, after 20 years he slowly rejoins society due to a debilitating back problem. Along the way he awkwardly romances Lauren Graham (of Gilmore Girls fame) while trying to help her with her failing business and her child. Along the way he meets a bookstore owner who he tries to give books he hates to to sell.

The parts where this movie fail is that it, kinda like Paper Man (which I LOVED!), expects the audience to know subtle gestures and phrases that define peoples personality. Since not everyone is fucking Dr. Lightman (See: Lie To Me with Timothy Roth) they aren’t going to have a fucking clue as to why people are cursing one minute and behaving normally around people. The other half is that other then showing that Daniels character can help other people, the book store guy had no reason to be there. Then Kat Dennings, who is completely adorable in her weird hippy get up, has maybe 3 lines in the whole thing and doesn’t do anything else.

Where it succeeds is the weird chemistry between Daniels and Graham. They do seem to have something and they mesh well on screen, but it doesn’t always pay off. There are a few good moments and funny bits. A good, although odd thing about the movie, is that it runs along disjointedly. Like Daniels will be be a cursing maniac at one point then giving a confused kid life advice with no hesitation the next. Yeah when people slowly recover from being in isolation they generally become ‘nicer’ but the transition is a little jaring and makes you wonder how much time actually went by. Watch it at least once. It is a good performance by Daniels.


IMDB — 6.5

Tenure – Mini Review

Luke Wilson, in his string of nutty people movies, lands a role as a professor who only likes to teach and is continually pressured by his college to seek tenure and get published. In the mean time a new-ish teacher for Yale shows up and his nutty buddy thinks she’s going to steal his spotlight. This movie has a lot of light humor and it mixes well with real life drama style humor, that’s reminiscent of the Office. All the characters have their strange quirky charm, but it drags a little in some areas and it seems like it wants to give a tour of the school instead of the story, sometimes. I don’t know, but it’s a light hearted comedy. It is a neat see how the academic community can pressure people out of jobs through slow persuasion. Also it’s a college movie that’s ACTUALLY ABOUT COLLEGE and not continuous beer drinking barf fests with nudity and togas. On top of that everyone is still top notch. Yeah, there’s a lot out there today, but at least watch this once.


IMDB — 6.0