Spring Breakers Movie Review


3 spoiled brats at college get bored and want to go to Florida for Spring Break. So they go bug their friend Faith (Selena Gomez) for money. She doesn’t have any so they hatch a plan to rob a local dinner. They successfully rob it with ease and little regret. Later they’ve taken a bus down to Florida and while partying and get busted for violating a local noise ordinance. After this they are busted out of prison by Alien (James Franco) which is where the core of the film starts.

This movie was just OK for all the controversy and hype it got. It’s very much a exploitation film where there’s plenty of boobies and blood, but little else. The first half of the movie is the college brats complaining about how they are bored. Then there’s a lot of little montage scenes where they’re dorking around and not doing a whole lot. Then, as stated, they rob the local restaurant and go on spring break. Then there’s another LONG montage of them partying and you get to see plenty of boobs, drinking, and drug use (cocaine). Sound exciting? Well it isn’t.

Some will say it’s a satire of the extreme consumer culture based in America, but it isn’t all that funny. Sure there are a few tong and cheek scenes and some really stupid humor where Alien is boasting hard about his ‘cool shit.’ However the girls, with the exception of Faith, are pretty much horrible people. At which, they aren’t likeable in any way and have no problem displaying it or telling other people about their actions. The only reason Alien is even identifiable as human, rather then a psychopath, is that he still has a youthfulness about him, especially when talking about his possessions. However if that’s the whole satire of the film, then you pretty much get it at the beginning of the movie and then it reiterates itself a million times.

Now don’t get me wrong it does have some ups to the film. Much of the montage scenes are beautifully done. Many of them are accompanied well with music that’s both contemporary, fits the tone of the film and the characters well. The sprinkles of humor throughout the film is a nice change of pace and almost light humored. Also the attention to the scenery is really lush and vibrant. It does a good job at capturing the chaos of youthful stupidity.

James Franco did a really great job acting like a complete dumb hood rat. He’s become increasingly impressive considering how diverse his characters are and how well he plays them. He brings a certain creepy vib to the whole movie considering he’s of a unknown older drug dealing man hitting on younger ladies. Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, and Rachel Korine weren’t all that memorable considering their actions mostly didn’t involve acting. It mostly involves looking drunk, or stupid, happy, and/or partying. Selena Gomez however did a decent job looking sweet and innocent and had a convincing scene where she was upset about the people the druggies they were getting involved with. Other then that the rest of the cast was cold and completely unappealing.

I’d recommend waiting till this comes to Blu-ray or DVD. This is short lived fun and hopefully the Blu-ray should give some more commentary on the movie. The characters are bland and either completely stupid and selfish or cruel and selfish. Regardless there isn’t much here and even the social commentary will be forgotten in time. If you want to see horrible people living wasteful short lives, see this.


6.6/10 – IMDB


Snitch Movie Review


A John Matthews’s kid starts to deal drugs, with his friend. His friend basically coerces the other kid into dealing drugs. Eventually he says there’s “one last shipment” coming in and convinces the kid to deal drugs again. The DEA catches on and makes the package a sting operation. The kid gets busted and the father works up a plan to help the DEA to bust drug dealers in exchange for a shorter prison sentence for his son.

This was a decent melodrama, but not much else. The trailers market it as some sort of action movie, like most of Dwayne Johnson‘s films. Instead it had a lot of long artistic visuals, that didn’t have anything to do with the story line. Don’t get me wrong it would have been interesting if something happened during the scenes, but nothing important would happen. Most of the scenes were driving or the actors setting up the next sting operation. In Drive it would have long scenes of, well, driving but it was apart of the artistic perspective of the film. It showed the loneliness of the driver. Snitch, well, it basically was moving from one location to another. It had so many of them that there should have been 30 minutes they could have cut out in order to save time.

Then various amounts of melodrama doesn’t pay off in a story we kinda know. The basis of the story is that a guy does things he doesn’t want to do in order to save his kid. Sure this story would have made this telling of that type of story different, but most of the dialogue and many of the situations are predictable. The most practicable scene was where they were tracking one of the drug dealers, Malik (Michael Kenneth Williams), and they do the opposite of what was originally planned during the sting operation. Also the tension was drained immediately since Daniel James (Jon Bernthal) said if they screwed up on something they would have been shot already.

The stronger scenes are with John Matthews (Dwayne Johnson) and Daniel James (Jon Bernthal) fighting over the confusing they were facing with all the drug dealers, and sting operations, surrounding them. The constant changes and finding out new facts puts them on edge. Also one of the best is where Daniel loses his cool and verbally fights with his wife over her concern that he’s either dealing and/or doing drugs again. Another was where Jason Collins (Rafi Gavron) and John while he came to visit him in prison. They add some depth to the movie, but it doesn’t hold the movie together well considering the quality segments are few and far between.

As for the acting, as the critics are saying, yes this is Dwayne Johnson‘s best dramatic performance so far. Despite that I still say if you want to see a his versatile acting watch The Rundown. He’s funny, serious, and a mixture of other things throughout the movie. The gruff voiced Barry Pepper plays a decent undercover cop and does a convincing job at looking completely exhausting half the time. Hey it’s apart of the job, or at least with that kind of lifestyle/character. Also Jon Bernthal plays a good side character as a over worked ex-con with anger issues and a failing marriage. He does really well in many scenes, but it is too similar to his character, Shane, in The Walking Dead. The only differences is that he isn’t a complete douche for petty reasons and they aren’t running from zombies. Also it was nice to see Benjamin Bratt doing something again, but he wasn’t on screen a whole lot. Also Michael Kenneth Williams does a great job playing a no-non-sense badass, but I think he’s been typecast too much as a thug before. One last notable performance was Susan Sarandon who had a few good scenes where she had to play a stern politician and did it without villainizing the character.

All in all this melodrama is at least worth watching once. For fans of Dwayne Johnson and Jon Bernthal if you’re that interested in seeing how they perform. The scenes are freaking beautiful and the tension half the time does pay off. The other half of the time it isn’t as intense as it should feel. Also the pacing of the movie is slow. The things that really drag the movie down are the long tedious scenes and lack luster dialogue/plot bring that really bring the movie down.


6.9/10 – IMDB

Lincoln Movie Review

The story of Mr. Big Chin, and a hour and a half of race issues in America.

The story of Mr. Big Chin, and a hour and a half of race issues in America.

Abraham Lincoln, the United States 16 th president, struggles to keep everything together. He has a war to deal with. His son is rebellious to the point where he threatens to kick him out of his will. His wife is riddled with PTSD and anger issues. Meanwhile he’s trying to have senators to change their vote on a slavery act, while trying not to get his messengers shot.

This film was mildly disappointing to me. It starts out with Lincoln during the mists of the Civil War and occasionally jumps back to other important events in his life. One, that I hope they elaborated on more, was the loss of his son. They skip that and jump to his nutbag of a wife Marry Todd Lincoln (Sally Field). Which was interesting to see considering you wouldn’t think someone who’s supporting their husband during such a horrible time could be a complete witch about everything and mildly self absorbed. Then even jump to Robert Lincoln (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), who’s the obnoxious rebellious youth who wants to join the on going war. They even introduced some of the Senators who approved of slavery, and were tactful in their execution of presenting them as people instead of vilifying them. All are interesting concepts considering not much was said about his life outside the 13th amendment, or at least not in American schools.

Now with that being said the major disappointing: we already know how his story ends. Lincoln is one of the most prolific, telling, and lawful good men to have ever come out of the United State of America. To say what he did in his limited amount of time on Earth was impressive is a woeful understatement and everyone who has ever taken a American history course already knows this. We know he frees the slaves. We know what happens to him. Yes they diverted into some of the side characters like Thaddeus Stevens (Tommy Lee Jones) and it told multiple peoples story rather well, but I went to see Lincoln, not a revisited history lesson for the last hour on how he, and others, helped free the slaves.

The reason this hour of the movie isn’t palpable to me is that some of the dialogue almost marries up to anything seen in politics today. Many of the scenes are angry old white men yelling at each other in a cramped room. The only real exception to this was that everyone was in 1700 century garbs. Yes its nice to see revisited ways of life and thinking, but I didn’t feel it added much to life of Lincoln. Yes, it added to the process of freeing slaves, but at this point it felt like that should have been it’s own movie or some of the other characters could have been one.

However the movie was completely impressive visually. It captured a truly depressing atmosphere and a continued sense of chaos. It cuts from burning houses to chopped up body parts just thrown into a ditch while continuing the story. The attention to detail is truly impressive and and it makes you immersed in the time period. There are even scenes where the actors look like their covered in dirt, or continuously sweating, which would completely represent the fact that many didn’t bath during that period.

The acting from everyone was really fantastic. Without a doubt Daniel Day-Lewis did a fantastic job at capturing the person that Lincoln was, but the person who almost matched him was Sally Field. She was completely convincing as a near mean spirited drama queen. If she had more screen time I wouldn’t doubt she would have won the best Actress Oscar of 2012. Also the trio who track down the Senators to try and get them to change their vote on slavery, made up of James Spader, Tim Blake Nelson, John Hawkes, were hilarious. They all did really well pulling off eccentric characters who almost put their life on the line to just talk to some of the Senators. There was even a few scenes were Bruce McGill was unintentionally funny.

This is a good period piece, but little else. They focuse too much on other things rather then the main character. I mean LINCOLN is in the title. He’s one of the ONLY posters they made for the movie. You’d think they’d spend more time focusing on the man they made it about rather then everything else during that era. Don’t get me wrong. It is a good movie, but it didn’t focus on the main character enough. They did this successfully with Hitchcock, even with his subtle nuances and idiosyncrasies that probably no one understood except micro-expression experts. The only reason I think this did so well is that it was a history lesson to the rest of world, while America likes to rehash old wounds and bring up the subject about race for the zillionth time. But only time will tell. Go to see this if you’re into that sort of thing or enjoy older feeling films, other then that just skip it.


7.7 – IMDB – as of 3/3/2013

Warm Bodies Movie Review


In some alternate future a zombie virus sweeps the world for unknown reasons. Eventually it leaves more then half the world devastated while the rest struggle to survive. Some zombies eventually learn, or try, to maintain a normal life and try to reform themselves. Some eventually learn to talk while others turn into more violent zombies, known as Boneies. A zombie named R (Nicholas Hoult), while narrating all of this, saves a girl named Julie from the rest of the people his group is eating. He eventually develops a relationship with her while trying to keep her from being eaten.

This is a really cute alternate love story compared to what’s come out recently. However, the movie comes with some mild irritations along the way. Like there’s once scene where R is telling Julie that he won’t eat her. He show’s his horrid mangled zombie teeth and then the rest of the film they look completely fine. Then there’s various discrepancies with the script.

The whole love story behind the couple is interesting, but it doesn’t show them develop much. It shows them basically running and trying to survive half the time. After that they do cute things together, but nothing too big. I know they don’t have much of a dialogue because ones a damn zombie, but it feels like it needed to be beefed up a little since he did learn how to talk. I guess it’s more of a focus on how love “heals all” but it’s really dorky in it’s approach. Also the whole process, and how zombies show their humanity again, is unique to the zombie genera and will probable deter some people from wanting to watch it. However despite all the dorkiness it does bring a warm feeling to the whole movie considering how many characters help bring the two together.

Some of the stronger moments of the film would be cliché if it wasn’t how they carried them out. Like there’s one part where M (Rob Corddry) tries to convene R to eat Julie. Eventually they are loud enough that it calls the attention of Bonies that can hear/smell/see humans better then the average zombies. Now instead of being a complete stereotype and trying to eat her anyway M eventually helps them escape. Then Nora (Analeigh Tipton) instead of freaking out at R she has a really long funny montage trying to help R blend in with the humans.


Most of the cast does relatively well acting. Nicholas Hoult (R in the movie) does relatively well, but looks incredibly stoned sometimes. Also some of his monotone narration might grind on you after a while. I want to say he narrates more then half the movie. He’s a nice addition to Hollywood due to his different facial aesthetics and his ability. Teresa Palmer was OK but I mostly found her acting mildly bland, but I can’t really hold that against her since I think that’s mostly how her character is writen and despite the fact that this is a ROMANCE movie more then half the movie is about Nicholas Hoult‘s characters struggles rather then her.

However the two that stood out were Rob Corddry and Analeigh Tipton. Corddry brings a softer tone to the horror movie, especially in some scenes. He does really well delivering some of the funnier moments in the movie which take skill since they’re very subtle jokes. To a certain extent I’d like to see him in a Bro-mance, like some of Paul Rudd‘s movies, due to his performance in this. Analeigh Tipton does a really decent job playing the nerdy girl side kick to Teresa Palmer. The only reason I was disappointed with her was due to the scripting. She was only in maybe less then a third of the movie and after being rather impressed with her performance in Crazy, Stupid, Love I thought I’d see more of her. Also John Malkovich does a really decent job as the authoritative father figure, but it’s a role we’re all familiar seeing him in. For whatever reason he brings a touch of ‘smart & crazy’ to the character which is almost one of his trade marks.

If you want something that’s funny, and not some cheesy crap like Twilight, then watch this. It maintains the true elements of a zombie film while still catering to the romance crowd and neither story elements overwhelms the other. Also the side stories don’t take up too much time to explain and don’t get in the way of the main story. It’s really heart warming and light despite some mild gore and violent scenes.


7.3/10 – IMDB

The War On Kids Documentary Review


This rather inclusive documentary is based upon the overly fanatical status of the US governments approach to ‘securing’ schools and making them safer. It covers obvious logical flaws in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual while diagnosing kids with ADD. It talks about common police practices, even in elementary schools…which the documentary ends on police arresting a 5 year old black girl. It even proposed that much of school isn’t about education as it is to ‘mold’ citizens into ‘respecting’ authority and basically oppresses right of children in order to basically gain a form of masochistic control over them. As well as asserting control it does show how much of the school systems deflect all responsibility of failing grades, or behavioral problems, to the children. I do agree with the documentary that a lot of this is just paranoia of faculty/parents/whoever thinking that children will go berserk and kill everyone. With my experience the education system is more or less set up to control behavior rather then educate. It points out in lots of ways how a martial law form of discipline is beyond counter productive and only creates more problems.

This documentary stuck home with a lot of what they were saying. For years I have been saying that all of what was covered in the documentary was happening in schools, and more, for years. In turn I was threatened, censored, and even abused in lots of ways by various faculty, school members, police, and even parents. This documentary was refreshing to hear that other people feared for the over specialization of children’s behavior, and how beyond counter productive it is. They do a decent approach and give both sides of the debate to talk, but more often then not the kids, and those with degrees, have a better argument due to the comparisons they give between what is being done in highschools and those who have their civil liberties taken away in prisons.

I will say that the zero-tolerance policy has opened doors to bullies, faculty of the school, and even the police to harass others to the point of breaking without any negative consequences for them. Even a few teachers speak out in the documentary and pretty much say the same thing. One goes to the length of saying that Prozac is a bullying mechanism to only further abuse children in order to subdue a problem and not fix it, which is arguably a good debate for most medication for mental disorders. It’s basically to stop them from ‘arguing’ with teacher (‘the source of wisdom’ as one teacher put it) and make them complacent. So it’s to appease the teachers rather then to look at what’s really going on. It is stated that the medication makes the patients (i.e. the kids) more likely to be chronically disabled and become much worse in the long run.

Yes there is a lot of doomsaying in this documentary, but a lot of it is logically correct. This is a must see for anyone concerned about the US’s school systems.


IMDB – 7.5/10

Note: This has no tags, because I couldn’t find the cast/appearance list.

Oz the Great and Powerful Movie Review


Some spoilers ahead!

Oz is a conman who works as a magician for a unknown traveling circus. They travel where-ever and seduces a few local woman and moves on. On one occasion he seduces the circuses Strong Man’s girlfriend and he comes after Oz. So Oz flees the scene in a hot air balloon and is able to escape. Soon after he is sucked into a tornado and transported to the magical land of Oz.

I like this prequel, but it seems to be missing a certain charm the original had, or maybe it’s because I’m not eight (8) years old anymore. Most of the early on scenes bugged me. For instance there are many scenes that were simply drawn out a tad much. Like in the beginning when Oz first enters the land of Oz there’s a extra long scene of where his crash lands in some lake. In the original Dorthy got shot into the land of Oz and INSTANTLY landed on the Witch. The story didn’t take it’s time on random things. It pretty much started and didn’t have random spacing of things with little importance.

Another was a scene where they’re running from some creature that the witch Evanora sends after Oz, right after he lands and The other odd thing was that she some how knew where he is in Oz. I know she’s a witch, but how the hell is she psychic too? Even if she had some kind of witch power to be psychic like the dialogue was worded strangely and the event lost most of it’s meaning. Also the scene that followed it was the two Oz and Theodora running from the monsters and the bridge randomly starts to collapse under them. That’s just so cliché.

Another was the setting up of Mila Kunis’s character, Theodora. To a certain point it didn’t matter she was in the movie till the very end. It’s insinuated that Theodora and Oz slept together and/or were romantic some how. The scenes kinda fizzles due to lack of chemistry between the actors.

Also the transition Theodora undergoes makes little to no sense. Yes, it’s made very clear that she feels betrayed, or cheated on, but since her character was so blatantly in LOVE with Oz I don’t believe she’d change like she did based only on assumptions, girl gossip between her and her sister (Evanora), and NOT waiting to hear what Oz had to say about it all. Most people that are that in love don’t so readily betray those they love. Now I want to say yes it makes sense because she’s a naive panicky person. But to a certain extent it would only make sense if she was maybe five (5) years old or hadn’t experienced any tragedy ever in her life. So simply put: she’s simply too naive to be believable. The only plus to it is that it does help speed up the movie.

Green is the new sexy.

Green is the new sexy.

As for the acting goes everyone did a decent job. Some people complained that some of it felt fake. Well no duh. It’s a movie! I thought some of the acting was hammed up some to slightly pay tribute to the older 1930s Oz. James Franco shinned as a completely insecure, nervous, womanizing, smart con-artist. He seems to play different roles in just about everything he does and does relativity well. But there were certain parts where. Mila Kunis was super cute in the beginning, to the point of being sicky sweet, and later became a well rounded villain after her transformation segment. Said segment was less dramatic then it could have been due to how the audio came out. Its nice to see her as a villain, but considering half her carrier has been “bad guys” or crotchety women it’s not much of a change. Rachel Weisz does a decent job in a stronger female lead, compared to some of her ‘damsel-in-distress’ roles like The Mummy. It was good to see Zach Braff in something other then Scrubs and did a relatively decent job as a supporting role. However there was a few opening scenes that needed tweeking. However, Michelle Williams soft and warm pretrial of Glinda, the Good Witch, that balanced out many scenes that were almost too cute to stand.

Despite all my griping there is a few laughs to be had. Many had me rolling my eyes with a warm smirk. There are a few that are really subtle in their approach so if you aren’t paying attention you might not notice them. The CGI is a fantastic addition and adds some depth to Oz. It is fun to watch, but realize it has a target audience of children under the age of 13. It’s warm, fun, and has a sense of fun, despite it’s slow paced moments. If you’re willing to see some actors/actresses in roles you wouldn’t normally see them in, go see it.

7.0/10 – I hate my rating is so similar to IMDB’s, but it does warrant a theater visit rather then a 6.0 something rating of “see it eventually.”

7.1/10 – IMDB

Please realize this is a PG movie.

Hotline Miami Video Game Review

Format: Personal Computer, Playstation 3, Playstation Vita

Difficulty Played: N/A – default is hard until you get use to the gameplay style

Some spoilers!

You wake up in a haze in a run down 1989 apartment in Miami, Florida. Your phone rings at your apartment and you’re instructed to go to a location to do some sort of menial task. You go through the front door and open a package. It instructs you to wear a mask (a rooster head labeled “Richard”) and kill people at the location previously given to you. Through a series of long bloody killing rampages, mixed with stranger voice mails, you’ll eventually run into strange visions, even hallucinatory episodes. Then after the killing rampages you run into strange people giving you perks around town and witness various horrors from killing. Eventually, their words become garbled and you start have stranger and stranger dreams, that might be real.

This is one of the funner games I’ve ever played in a long time. It takes the original design of video games, like getting high scores, and mixes it successfully with a story with psychological views on killing. So think Pac-Man, except you MURDER people instead of eating orbs. This game is hard to describe due to the metaphors, symbolism, and general confusing way it presents itself through out the game. People keep saying this is like the Drive movie but in game forum. I disagree. This is more along the lines of a botched spy movie mixed with Scarface gore and PTSD themes of Reign Over Me. Yes there are Drive references everywhere, but there are also tons of other 80s references like the excess palm trees, lavish indoor pools, and even VHS store with micro images of famous movies.

As for the story I was pleasantly surprised. It seems like a hybrid of The Bourne series, with everything previously stated above. There are some unneeded elements, like the addition of a girlfriend, but I think it might be homage to some of the other over the top 80s movies. Ya know, there’s always some sort of cliché plot device or whatever. Also it’s unsettling to think of what happens to one of the main villains. It really isn’t what you’d think either. He shows up maybe twice and then walks out knowing he’s killing maybe a 100+ people. Then there’s the weird fact that you’re fighting men in nice white suites, which is later reviled to be the local Russian mob. There’s even hints in the cut scenes that the city is further descending into chaos because of your, and the mobs, actions.

Due to all these elements you don’t find out the whole story till the end, of either character, but even then its up for debate. Like when the story splits to another character at one part and it leaves you wondering what really happened to that character due to later events in the game. Since one of the main protagonists gets shoved in the hospital. One could only assume he was either killed or beaten into a coma. On the other hand both endings for the characters seem sound since, if you figure it out, through out the game there are suggestions of them in the background. As the big oppressive Mob town feel gets more engrossing and it’ll seems like the town is descending into chaos, like mentioned in the cut scenes. However with the final ending it makes you wonder if both characters were out killing for pleasure or they generally hated the Mob.

The almost PTSD fueled episodes are something to be desired for most. Sometimes they just simply don’t add to the story at all and are only there for shock value. Like a few begin with gory scenes of death or talking corpses. Which makes you wonder how sever of a conscience the main protagonist has. It does add some depth to the character, but some of it is too weird to begin questioning. Like there are multiple scenes with people in masks taunting you about the various murders your committing. Yes, a few try to help you realize whats going on, but its still confusing no-less. It made sense in the end, but during much of the fighting it’s really distracting.

Also depending on the ending you get you’ll either like it or hate it. It takes a dark gritty turn depending on how well you play the game (finding secrets, etc.) and is slightly depressing considering what all happens. One involves a goofy ending that is almost reminiscent of a bad spy novel. Also this ending kinda doesn’t make sense considering there isn’t strong ties between the two groups they were trying to separate. The other is more realistic and is slightly plausible, although really freaking dark. This reminds me of the true nature of most pranksters: they are very malicious. Regardless I found the endings, for both characters, was easy to understand, despite the majority of the Internets confusion.

Another interesting aspect of the characters is that both have different play styles that you have to get use to while still maintaining some sameness. One theme that runs through the game is that you can only have ONE weapon. This is understandable since it’s all based upon quick interactions and you won’t have time to switch weapons because you’ll wind up dead. The first character is about pure brutality and the other is more about speed and timing.

The controls are easy to master. However, the pace at which the game throws things at you is infuriating, which makes the beginning of the game difficult. So to a certain extent there is a learning curve, but you can pick it up quick. Since it’s a open ended fighting game you can design your own method of combat due to the variety of weapons, terrain, and the AI. Also along the way you find out what happened to other people put under these mystery group and why they were their. For whatever reason when you find their masks you can gain 1 special perk. Like there’s a cheetah mask named Tony that enables lets you have faster executions.

Also due to the ferocious AI you will die a lot! The whole system is built upon a ‘one hit kill’ health system which is good and bad. It means 90% of the enemies can get killed with one hit, but it means you can get killed with one hit as well. This is actually probably one of the main draws to the game. You can plan out your whole attack scheme and screw it up half way and you might have to restart the whole level. This is why it kind reminds me of Demon Souls. If you don’t pay close attention you are completely screwed.

The bright neon colors only add to the unsettling drama and gore, because of how strangely soothing it is. It really captures the 80s themes really well and gives a smooth look due to how well they all transition between rooms, cut scenes, and even characters. Some stages are like one large flowing piece of artwork. Even the cut scenes that zoom in on the faces are really well done, but blend with the others and it makes you wonder if the author was trying to hint at something or just lazy.

All in all this was a great gaming experience. I loved the art, music, the fluidity of the controls and speed of the game itself. However it doesn’t come without its flaws. When I first bought the game it crashed to the desktop maybe 8 times. It was a few days before a update was released to fix the problem. This was odd considering I was running this on a Windows 7 64 bit machine and the graphics aren’t that demanding. Also, as said before, it’s really hard. If you might spend hours on the same level if you don’t pay attention. Regardless, if you want something fast paced and unique please buy this game. If you hate dying, A LOT, then try to find a demo.

You probably won’t see this rating for a while.


85/100 – Metacritic.com – Crititics

8.2/10 – Metacritic.com – User Score

Places to buy:

Steam — $9.99 – download – DRM

GamersGate.com – $9.95 – download

GoodOldGames.com – $9.99 – download – no DRM

Amazon.com — $4.99 – code for Steam

System Requirements


    • OS:Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7
    • Processor:1.2GHz processor
    • Memory:512 MB RAM
    • Graphics:DirectX 8-compatible graphics card with at least 32MB of video memory
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:250 MB HD space
    • Additional:Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller or Direct Input compatible controller


    • OS:Microsoft® Windows® XP / Vista / 7
    • Processor:1.4GHz processor or faster
    • Memory:1 GB RAM
    • Graphics:DirectX 8-compatible graphics card with at least 32MB of video memory
    • DirectX®:9.0c
    • Hard Drive:250 MB HD space
    • Additional:Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller or Direct Input compatible controller