Man of Steel


Some spoilers!

Jor-El (Russel Crow) is a scientist tries to convince the rulers of Krypton to abandon the planet due to it being completely dry of resources. General Zod throws a revolution against the current rulers and kills them. As Jor-El then fears for his sons life, the first natural born person on Krypton in eons, rushes off to ship his son to Earth. Kal-El/Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) grows up knowing his different and learns of his extraterrestrial heritage. He eventually has to defend Earth from General Zod who wants to rule Earth and rebuild Krypton.

This is a great fast paced movie. It starts with a bang with the destruction of Krypton. The struggles of any kid are amplified because Clark slowly starts to realize he’s different and his parents help him hide what he is. Later he travels the globe taking odd jobs and helping who he can when he can. Yes there is some immaturity to his actions, but most are within reason and for the greater good.

The greatest parts of the movie is that despite all Superman is facing he still takes time to see if others are OK, or safe. There’s a few scenes where he does ask if someone is OK during the middle of a fight or sky scrapers crashing down around everyone. This movie truly captures the essence of the Superman character: a almost pure (i.e. completely good) person. Which running into someone so flawless probably would be alien in itself which only adds to the stand-off-ish kinda personality of Superman.

In return this movie isn’t about much else. Yes, it answers questions like it tells why Jor-El sent Superman to Earth. It fails to be something concrete considering Superman would have turned out the way he did regardless because with most people ‘the apple doesn’t fall far form the tree.’ It also completely ties up whatever loose ends concerning the origins of Superman, and it did a lot better then I had expected.

Although I don’t understand why they introduced Lois Lane (Amy Adams), and their relationship so early. She came much later in Clark/Superman’s life and was more obsessed/in love with Superman then Clark. She was the making of a modern day working woman who’s more invested in a career then some man. So the fact that they left the whole relationship completely open was fine by me. It also left everyone to assume that it would be something in the sequel.

Oddly enough many have complained that half the movie doesn’t have Superman in it. Superman, in any form whether it be comics, movies, or tv shows, was rarely just about Superman. It was about the good in humanity, the durability of the human spirit, and how there are millions more out there like him willing, wanting, and able to help but they just can’t fly. More then half the characters in the displayed this. The best example was the side character Colonel Nathan Hardy, who was played by Christopher Meloni. I guess all those years on Law and Order: SVU did him well. Anyway, the two characters relationship develops over time and Colonel Hardy eventually sides with Superman. This showed Supermans slow ‘talk-things-through’ approach that you often see in the comics and it worked well with this character.

Every one did a decent job acting wise. Henry Cavill was good as Superman, but needs more lines to explore the emotional side of the character. Amy Adams was a cute additive, but, as said before, wasn’t really needed, even with the story structure. Richard Schiff did a decent job for most of the movie, but when the shit hit the fan in the later half of the movie he needed a little more UMPH to the performance when he realized everything was going to end for them badly. Michael Shannon was great as a insane bad ass as usual. Russell Crowe was great as ominous narrator, but the drama is sapped away later in the movie due to how calm him and Kent seem while they know billions could die in the next few hours.

This is worth seeing in theaters. The action is spot on and fun to watch. The character development is steady and leaves enough room for a sequel. It completely explores the Superman origins, even though it’s told in a more modern day explanation, and fully develops the Superman character. It even gives side characters enough room to grow. Just ignore the critics and go with a friend.


8.0/10 – IMDB

55/100 – Metacritic Critics Score

8.3/10 – Metacritic User Score


The Hangover 3 Movie Review


Some spoilers ahead!

Alan (Zack Galifianackis) stresses out Sid (Jeffrey Tambor) and he has a heart attack, then dies. Eventually the group decides to commit Alan to a mental treatment facility and drive him through Nevada to get there. They get run off the road by a group hired by Marshall (John Goodman) and are told that Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong) stole millions in gold bars from him. They are then ordered to find Mr. Chow because they found out that Alan kept in contact with him through out the years. So Marshall and his gang kidnap Doug (Justin Bartha) and are told that if they don’t get Mr. Chow in three days they’ll kill Doug.

This movie had a problem with focusing too much on the strange side kick(s) rather then blending all the performers humor into the movie. The thing that made the original great was that the script feed of the characters abilities. Phil (Bradley Cooper) was fantastic as the straight man of the group. Stu (Ed Helms) was as the panicked and almost comically screwed up one. Then Alan (Zack Galifianackis) was the wild card that no one expected to do anything useful, but filled bland spots with strange humor beautifully. It’s like they had a great modern day 3 Stooges thing going on, without too much bodily harm. With Hangover 3 it has little to none of that and its main focus is based around really dark humor. Then it escalates to continued uncomfortable humor or equally dark humor. Instead of the weird lovable Alan doing strange things to get the audience to laugh, in this one he comes off as a little meaner and considerably more annoying then usual to the point of being a nonredeemable character. Even his love interest, Cassie played by Melissa McCarthy, was just as bad. Phil, and Stu, are nearly useless and only serve as a reminder that Alan isn’t really capable of anything while they do the rest of the work.

Beside that the story is too spread out and only seems like everything was prolonged in order to make 100 minutes long. Yes, sure, the guys have their usual screw ups and strange things happen to them, but none of it is both funny and continues the story. It’s one or the other and is kinda distracting. It was almost standard drama, or action, that you’d see in any other movie. There are a few notable scenes that are a few hairs from being completely original, but the twist(s) are only a convenient payoff to the main characters lively hood. Ya know, like they don’t get shot in the chest. So you either knew everything was going to be OK or the pay off to whatever built up drama wasn’t satisfying. The settings mostly consisted of the main characters being put in a state of dread or constant state of fear due to the various amounts of DEATH they see, unlike the others where whomever would only be comically wounded or walked around dazed and confused. Now the laughs are still there, but many will be too awkward for some and for me they didn’t withstand the originals same level of humor.

As far as acting goes everyone is still up to standard acting skill for their characters. However, there was a lack luster of a challenge for any of them, unlike the first. Yea sure Ed Helms‘s screaching might not be too impressive, but he, like everyone else, showed great performances in the first and when even shrill panic like that is done right, it’s impressive. This seemed like they were tired or they didn’t know what to do as background characters. As background characters they should be reacting to the characters actions and they seemed underwhelmed half the time despite one character would be getting off to smothering chickens or being repeatedly questioned by the Mexican police.

This is not only the worst of the series, but it’ll make some of the fans wonder what the hell they were doing. As a closer film it should wrap up the loose ends and finalize all characters story lines, like if they are OK or not. It did a OK job with that, but it still made you wonder what was going to happen to Allen since he still had unresolved issues, mostly mental issues. Other then that nearly all the laughs are solely based upon Zach Galifianakis‘s off beat humor and Ken Jeong‘s characters very dark, and sometimes gross, humor. So the story spins itself into a circle with no real reason to have taken place to begin with and the characters don’t really walk away with anything purposeful, nor having done anything purposeful. I really hate to say this, but there are better laughs to be had elsewhere and the finally doesn’t do much for the series.


6.3/10 – IMDB as of 6/2/2013

30/100 – Metacritic – Critic Score

6.1/10 – Metacritic – User Score