The Interview Movie Review


Dave Skylark is a trash celebrity show host. His producer Aaron Rapoport gets verbally beat down by a former colleague about his career choice, rather then taking on serious journalism. Rapoport asks Skylark to help change the tone of the show. So they agree to make the show about legitimate news stories. The next day they start researching and find out that the leader of North Korea is a big fan of the show. So Rapoport asks one of his connections in North Korea to interview him. They get a call back from North Korea’s US ambassador and set up the interview.

I liked this film for the most part. However I need to point out that there wasn’t really any reason for all the hype. Yeah I can see how the North Koreans might be offended by all of this, but it is purely fantasy. To a certain extent it seems to blend the right amount of reality and hokey, almost, cold war like jokes to make a serious subject just down right funny and separate it from its real world context. Most of the comedy are stupid mishaps which could happen during any spy movie or behind the scenes of a show. So it makes it feel more plausible. As for the political side, I doubt there was that many political undertones. I honestly didn’t notice any. Sure they have violent song demonizing America, just like in North Korea. However it takes a lighter tone, politically, just by leaving out some of the more serious issues of that nation. It only touched lightly on them to push the story along.

The development between the characters was entertaining to watch. Franco and Rogan were a interesting dynamic since usually they’re both idiots. The love story between Seth Rogan and Diana Bang was cute. Usually romances in spy movies either feel forced, sappy, or even cliche. The subplot didn’t really miss a beat with all the comedy and was apart of the jokes. That’s what I love about the characters of this film. It very much feels like they are apart of the joke or they are a walking joke. Their personality just seems quirky enough that it seems to help with the pacing of the jokes and gives some credibility of being plausible.

As for the acting goes, everyone did rather well. James Franco was great in this jerky shallow, yet lovable, role. Seth Rogan compliments Franco as the straight man in this film. This was different from most of his roles and hopefully he’ll pursue more serious roles. Lizzy Caplan was lovely and stern as the CIA agent who recruits them. Randall Park (who played President Kim) was cartoonish in some areas, but did well coming off as subtlety creepy. I thought he excelled in the kinda comical areas where Kim admitted to Skylark that he loved Katy Perry and tons of other American stuff. But, hey, who doesn’t like Katy Perry? Diana Bang did a decent job being a complete stereotype that we see in every other spy movie involving screaming Asians. Although she didn’t ham it up too much so it wasn’t oppressive.

This was a strange movie to say the least. It’s filled with random sight gags, situational humor, and well timed crass humor. The humor doesn’t interrupt the pace of the story and compliments the characters well. It might not make you bust out laughing, but it’ll give you a warm smirk throughout the film. It, unlike most other Rogan/Goldberg movies, had tasteful gore rather then trying to mirror Quentin Tarantino level of grotesque effects. I’m not sure if there was any political commentary, but it was a fun movie to watch for New Years Day.

Try to at least see it once. However you should remember that the humor in the trailer is pretty much the standard throughout the film.



Ted Movie Review

Mild Spoilers!

Mark Wahlberg is a outcast as a kid. Once Christmas he gets a stuffed bear as a present from his parents. So he becomes attached to it and wishes it was real one day. In turn the bear comes to life and grows up with Wahlberg, with some mild media attention. I mean seriously, it’s a talking fuckin’ stuffed toy. Who wouldn’t be interested in it. Eventually, everyone forgets about it and they move into a apartment. Wahlberg eventually finds love in Mila Kunis while he works at a car dealership. Eventually Kunis gets tired of being the third wheel, so Wahlberg asks him to move out. Ted (Seth MacFarlane) find himself needing a job in order to move out.

This is not one of the funniest movies of all time, but it had some of the best dialogue and transitional plot that I’ve seen in a long while. On top of all that just about everything added in the movie helps develop the characters. From the dorky movies they watch (like Flash Gordon) to the weird cultural references. To a certain extent the characters feel real and genuine. It’s almost like ya know them through the actors ease of emotional transition and vocal patters…well this is getting a bit in depth.

As you can guess anything with Seth MacFarlane is sure to have lots of laughs. Well it really does. Dozens even. Although some of the jokes not only didn’t make sense, but were just really odd. It isn’t that they weren’t funny, but they were more or less exceedingly awkward. There’s one scene when Ted and Wahlberg are at a aquarium and Ted starts talking about fish in a anthropomorphic manner. He does two dialogues while panning to different fish and one talks about a frightened man going to New York. Either I missed the first half of the joke, or it was just so odd that I had to laugh. Also the increase of smut humor, without nudity, was a little higher then previous works of Seth MacFarlane, or anyone for that matter.

Everyone does a decent job acting. It’s actually good to see Mark Wahlberg NOT going around punching people in the face and shooting others up. Giovanni Ribisi, as usual, is astoundingly great, considering how creepy his role was. There were a few side characters who didn’t really add anything to the plot, so I don’t see why they were there. Like near the beginning one comes on the screen as an astoundingly bright and happy character, then he has a whopping two lines and isn’t really seen again until the end. I will say it’s refreshing to see Mila Kunis in a normal role where she isn’t being a complete bitch (see That 70’s Show & After Sex). She did a great job as the more ‘mature’ one of the group while Wahlberg developed from party-teen-man to a actual man.

All in all this is probably one of the best Bromance/Romcom’s I’ve seen in a while. However, the humor isn’t for everyone. On top of that a lot of it is really odd, even to my taste. A lot of it is cultural references, word play, and quick wit. This sounds standard, for anyone who knows comedy formula, but it’s how they’re structured and how they’re written. So I can’t recommend it to everyone, but then again that’s the charm of the whole movie: the unique characters. Whatever, I’ll be buying it when it comes out.

Please go see this in theaters. It is a real treat.


IMDB – 7.8

I forgot to mention look out for Mila Kunis‘s towel scene in the movie. Le-hubahuba.