Under the Skin Movie Review


WARNING: Mild Spoilers

Scarlett Johansson is a humanoid alien who is instructed to seduce men and bring them back to a remote location. When they follow her home they are slowly killed for some new alien race. Eventually the aliens recycled them. Somehow the police find parts of them up and down random areas of Scotland. She wonders about asking men for advice on how to get around town. Eventually she meet someone she starts to feel something for and slowly grows a conscience.

This was a beautifully shot movie and the interactions between the people and Scarlett Johansson seemed natural, and kinda candid. However, the story lacked substance. It had a lot of symbolism that could be thought of in different ways or it was so blatant it couldn’t be misinterpreted. The very long drawn out scenes didn’t help the pacing of the movie any. I know it was trying to emphasize what was happening, but it only dampened the experience, because the movie did it for every damn time something happened. When Scar Jo’s character gains a conscience she goes on a brief self discovery journey. This is short lived when she runs into some man who actually cares for her.

The only real acting that happened was Scarlett Johansson, the random man on the bus who helps her, and Adam Pearson. Scar Jo was scarily seductive and stagnate/confused when needed. She did a great job of the ‘fish out of water’ feel, but it quickly ends when if you’ve watched any movie ever it’s similar fish-out-of-water experiences. Adam Pearson was great as the nervous fellow whom Scar Jo character lies. It’s akin of the nerd in high school who’s on a date with the chick who’s out of, well, anyone’s league. The other fellow who tries to help Scar Jo, I’m sorry but the movie wasn’t clear as to who was what, was rather good. He was the usually recluse who just wanted love. Other then that everyone seemed like they were on some kind of surreal reality TV show. Then it consisted of basically Scar Jo asking them if they thought she was pretty. This did give a sense of realism, but the surrealism popped up with each show of how the men died. It was just rather odd since either these are the most easily seduced men in the world, or they’re that stupid.

Overall this movie was just OK. The acting was fair. The ‘self discovery’ thing was kinda done before if you’ve ever watched any ‘alien among us’ kinda movies. The only thing that really shined was the cinematography. The eerie music did added some tension to the air, but it quickly dissipated once it became obvious what was going to happen next. So in all it was intriguing with little stimulation.

Watch it at least once, but its really not for everyone.