Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Movie Review



In the long slew of gross out movies that Rob Corddry and Craig Robinson seem to be fond of making this is probably their darkest yet. The crew from the previous film is back, with exception to Adam (John Cusack), and are shoved into the future. There they try to find out what happens to Lou (Rob Corddry) and why people are trying to kill him. As they bumble about they run into a few new faces and they find out that his life, as well as a few others, are completely in shambles.

Now usually some sequels either extend the series or do a good job at filling all plot holes. This successfully only adds more plot holes and leaves the previous ones unanswered. They only briefly bring back Chevy Chase‘s character (the Hot Tub Repairman) for two sentences and then disappears again. Thus not answering why he’s there nor how he can just come and go as he pleases. They joke about Cusack‘s character disappearing and then don’t explain why. Then they form new plot holes like why Lou decided to become a jerk again since at the end of the previous movie he seemed rather generous with his friends and liked his son. So he went from loud lummox of the group, to being the most immoral person in the film. It’s suggested he slept with peoples wifes and did more drugs then before with reason as to why and would verbally abuse his coworkers. They also bring up Adam Jr (Adam Scott) who is suppose to be Adam’s son, but don’t explain that well.

The crux of any comedy is the jokes. They deviated from the previous formula they had and make just about every joke darker or gross. One of the grossest scenes in the movie highlights the slow moral degrade of most TV game shows, but it takes it too far when they do more then imply possible forced sexual acts. It ruined the latter half of the movie for me since it made me wonder if I heard sounds of rape or just someone who was grunting in pain due to a lot of electricity flowing through their body. Other times they are just hating on Jacob (Clark Duke) and it isn’t funny because most of it is from Lou and he has no room to talk. It’s a total oxymoron for someone who has poor impulse control to throw shade about his son who’s just hasn’t found himself yet.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 wasted a movie going experience by rehashing the previous storyline. With the small, and ignorable plot holes, of the previous movie were only exasperated in the fact that they were brought back up with stupid dialogue, and just as quickly dismiss. Then sprinkle some very disgusting humor and offset it with other forms of humor and it makes them feel largely incongruous. Quality doesn’t seem to mean anything this time since the jokes are guilty of being average or bland. None of the characters developed any and even at the end they are only slightly less crass. So it seemed like a fruitless endeavor for them.

I’d wait for this one on DVD before thinking about seeing it.



Oblivion Movie Review


Rated: PG-13

Spoilers ahead!

In the future Earth gets invaded by aliens. They take most of the planet, but the humans obliterate most of them with nuclear weapons. So as the trails constantly say, “They won the war, but lost the planet.” Most of humans appear to be off world on Titan, one of Saturn’s moons, and only a few remain behind to remove the last resources from Earth. Jack (Tom Cruise) is one of the few remaining and is in charge of repairing laser carrying scouting drones, while suffering from amnesia. Meanwhile his assistant Victoria (Andrea Riseborough) scoops out a map of the remote area where they live for any unusual signs of the remaining life or unusual activity. Meanwhile the Tet, and orbital space station, checks in with them every day for progress reports. Eventually Jack finds a wrecked escape pod from 60 years ago and finds people who were cryogenically frozen.

I’ll tell you right now that many people won’t like this film simply because it’s sci-fi and it has Tom Cruise in it. Please don’t let this spoil or deter your thoughts on seeing this movie, because it’s really good. It covers many of the big questions in life, like can people change or are people predestine to do certain things. If you pay attention it answers most of them. It also presents things in a really smooth way. It’s like watching a Earth bound space opera half the time due to the music and scenery.

This film uses some old hat cliches in the story line but it presents it in a different way that makes it a little different. The only thing that holds back the story from being perfect is the pacing. It spends a lot of time showing off impressive CGI or the destroyed wasteland of the future. To me this is fine, because it kinda adds to the impact of the previous war and how devastated everything is. Like there are a few scenes where Jack will fly past landmarks that have be almost remarked as indestructible or that you’d think would stand the strain of a war, but they’re scattered about and in complete ruins. It adds a certain sorrow to the film, while not being completely depressing. One of them is a key element in the story and, despite what it’s revered as at this current time (04/24/13). It’s has a take a softer meaning for the story, which is neat. To a certain extent I think some of the messages in the movie are forgotten due to the slow pace.

One of the things I really love about the movie is how it slowly draws you in. It hints at things and slowly displays them. Most of the mysteries come from Jacks memories. They push the story along while giving a almost eerie scene of tragic loss. It slowly builds to the point where you realize how pointless his, and a few others, existance truly is and what he’s done. So he then sets out to correct it all while still maintaining a sense of nobility and trying to help everyone as much as he can. Later in the movie it becomes more a action film then a sci-fi one. The revolt against the alien(s) is rather quick and, despite the fact they have a lot of technology, are beaten down. However through out it all it leaves you with a hopeful future for humanity.

The love scenes between Jack and Victoria are mildly erotic. It’s gets rather intense in some scenes. Although due to Victoria’s character ridged strict mindset and need to adhere to every rule set by the Tet quickly kills most romance. The later romance developed between Jack and Julia (Olga Kurylenko) isn’t overly romantic while still being interesting. Despite Jack having his memory wiped he remembers her. It later displays one of the big questions of “do people follow their heart or authoritative commands?” and it answers it quit nicely. So it basically helps display that people can still chose between whats right and wrong with little, to no, information.

The acting all around was rather good. Tom Cruise plays a little bit of a different role compared to most of his other roles. Usually he’s the front man and a is a assertive male authority figure or the ‘smooth’ guy in the movie (see Top Gun). In this movie he’s more of a nice loner who seems to be lost in deep thought half the time. So he played a nicer, almost, normal guy rather well. It was a refreshing change of pace. Morgan Freeman was great, but this was a different role. He had a very calm, and almost relaxed, presence to his character. I think it was things like his character and scenery that gave most of the movie a smooth, or almost ‘cool’, transitioning and revealed tension from various points in the movie. This kind of smooth transitioning helps move the story along in certain parts without making it too ‘in you face’ like some Michael Bay films. Andrea Riseborough was a great as a supporting role to Cruise but she was completely disarming. She was super positive, but underneath had alternative motives while still being completely naive at the same time. Olga Kurylenko was great as a love interest, but I thought her character would have a little more vocal when it came to verbalizing things. Don’t get me wrong, when push came to shove she jumped in and kicked ass like everyone else, but then she kinda played a ‘weak-little-girl’ persona which didn’t add up to some of the scenes. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was good, but it seemed like in some parts his character should have been angrier, or even more aggressive. I don’t want to say “you should ham it up,” but it seemed like certain scenes needed either more aggression out of him or a more assertive tone. Melissa Leo was good as well, but her character was disarming as well and if you haven’t seen to many sci-fi movies. She really wasn’t a aggressive character in the end which kinda made it a little weird, but given the circumstances there’s probably little she could have done.

This is one of my favorite sci-fi films to come out in the past few years. It’s beautifully shot and the music is soothingly hypnotic. It makes you feel like you’re in the future. The slow pacing, as said before, is the only thing I can really knock it on. If you love sci-fi as much as I do, then go see it. Try not to let some assumptions, or bias towards actors/actresses, ruin a otherwise great time.


7.2/10 – IMDB

54/100 – Metacritic Critic Score

7.2/100 – Metacritic User Score