Dead Snow


A small group teens (?) go wondering into the mountains towards a old abandon cabin one of them recently bought for Easter vacation. As they drive there they continually ask what happened to a girl that was suppose to meet them there. The male of the missing fiance said he’d go searching for her. He bids his farewell and the rest shack up in the cabin for the night. During the first night they are there they encounter a older hitchhiker who warns them of the mountains curse. Oh yeah, and there’s Nazis.

This is a pretty funny movie because it spent half the opening time making fun of itself, and the genera, in a camp way. Hell it even keeps the campness all the way through the film to keep up some of the dark humor. In one scene they have the fat comic relief joking about their situation to the point where it almost tells you where they’re all going to end up and pays tribute to the 80s slasher flicks. They even take a few hilariously dark turns with the ‘pretty boy’ hero. The plot feels like someone took a old Stephen King novel that someone took a cartoon-ish dump on. It plays to curses, and zombies but does it such a fun and strange way that it doesn’t really ruin anything.

However there isn’t much to say about this picture. The whole plot of the film is revealed in the first 30 minutes of the movie and then neatly wrapped up in the end with subtle gore. So a whole hour of the film is basically “Oh look zombies! A) run the other way B) if A) doesn’t work, kill them.” Now, don’t get me wrong: there are some great one liners and some really unique zombie death moments. There are also a few bits of character development, but other then that the plot is nearly non existent.

As for the actors they did relatively well for what they had. Roy (Stig Frode Henriksen) was funny as a obnoxious character, but had a few scenes he needed to tighten up. Martin (Vegar Hoel) came off completely wrong and wound up as a pleasant surprise, character wise, near the middle. The female roles were completely useless seeing as they almost fell into the 1980s American slasher movie stereotypes. The characters didn’t help the plot go anywhere, but hey, they were hot. So who cares, right?

To certain extent I can’t really judge the actors acting abilities. This is mostly due to the fact that they were running and screaming half the time or they were, as mentioned, useless. Yes, they all did a great job at building suspense, but not much else. Turgåer (Bjørn Sundquist) did the best at building the the true terror in the beginning of the movie and helped ease it from the happy/go lucky “everyone’s gonna get laid” party atmosphere at the beginning of the movie. The blistering bloody scenes helped escalate the terror and so did some of the scenes in the dark. The beautiful open tundra gives a scenes of remote hopelessness.

Although the camp humor helped mellow out the horror to the point where it’s almost none existent. So as much as I praise it for being great dark humor it did hurt the direction of the movie and sometimes overall feel of some of the scenes. Which sometimes confuses me and left me wondering if they were trying to squeeze out a laugh during a horrible scene or ease a gory horror scene. There were only a few scenes that were so over the top that it made me wonder how the character lived/died with that stupid of set of circumstances. Since those scenes ruined the horror element it kinda makes me feel that this movie is more a action, adventure, suspense movie then anything else.

It’s fun, but it’s a traditional zombie movie. People die and there’s LOTS of blood. I can see a sequel being made, but I don’t see why they would. It’s really fun to watch, doesn’t play favorites, and is great to see another nation enter the horror genera besides the USA and Japan. However it almost no rewatch value and is short lived, because if you’ve seen some older zombie films, you’ll probably know whats going to happen. Regardless I hope to see more from this crew in the future.


6.4/10 – IMDB

The trailer doesn’t have subtitles, because fuck you.