In God We Rust Review

Lewis Black is back with his usual ranting, story telling, snide, cynical, and mild mental break down style of comedy. He splurges on a few topical subjects like new inventions (iPhone, Droid), the terrorist who tried to blow up Boston with a bomb strapped to his groin, and even touches on Facebook games. He still rains supreme as the Master of political insult comedy, but this comedy special he seems a little less energetic then the other performances he has done. He has a few pauses that are almost too long between jokes.

Traditionally he’d leave pauses to let the audience breath again in between jokes that will make you laugh to the point of exhaustion. However, this time some are almost during mid joke and are slightly distracting. It doesn’t really ruin the jokes, but it leaves the viewer a little impatient sometimes. He does cover the same subjects a few times, but he still has enough jokes to keep everything fresh. Some of his best segments are when he’s busting on the town he’s doing the standup in. He ranked it as one of the top 3 places in the world to commit suicide.

“If Facebook is going to be worth 50 Billion dollars. Just imagine how much real shit is going to be worth.”

Goddamn, I love Lewis Black. It’s worth a rental if you’re a casual comedy fan. If you’re a insult comic buff, buy it.


IMDB – 6.7