Devil’s Attorney Android/IOS Video Game Review


You’re Max McMann, a attorney in some random city in the USA. You start out in a slum defending basic criminals. Through various trials you get to know your clients and defend their…uh…well you make a boat load of money. In doing so you get to buy upgrades for your house, your clothing, and car. In turn they give you various powers and abilities in court. They, like most RPG-ish games, help or hinder your performance in court.

This is one of the best games I’ve played on the android OS. It’s funny and the game play is addictive. It spoofs the 80s TV crime/drama kinda thing and throws in a bit of romance. However it does it in a way where it pays tribute without fully giving into the cliches. This is complimented by how it addresses cliché subject matter in the TV dramas but use different and witty dialog. The character development, while small, is still funny to see develop and establishes enough for each character without making them into a wallflower like in Silver Linings Playbook.

The puzzle/RPG aspect takes place in the court. You use basic numbering system to defeat your enemies. They start with a certain amount of life, i.e. credibility, and once you brandish them (i.e. drain their credibility to zero) you win the match. Simple right? Nope. You are set with a low health and you can hit the opponents hard and they can hit you just as hard. The odd thing is that you can play the same level multiple times find multiple ways to beat it and multiple ways to lose at it. Since the attack points system seems randomized its never guaranteed to kill you nor you kill them. That makes things interesting later in the game.

The artistry that goes into this game is something different. It has stencil style cartoons as the characters while making everything else 3d and allowing the shading to give that 80s feel. They make various caricature of famous people as the clients of Max McMann without making them too ugly. The thing that impressed me is that with all the detail it didn’t bog down the android. This is a MAJOR problem with just about any game for the Android. Either it jams or it completely slams to a screeching halt. Anyone who has played The Simpsons Tapped Out knows what I’m talking about. Also every transition from cut scene to the next stage very smoothly.

The story is a great tribute to the cheesy love stories from the 80s. The graphics are lovably cartoonie while not bogging down your android. The puzzles will make you brush up on your basic math and might send you into cellphone snapping frustration. This is a great game and if you love puzzles you should probably consider buying it. It won’t last long, get mildly repeditivie, and has ZERO replay value, but it’s a very enjoyable 8 hours.