Guise of the Wolf PC Video Game Review



You’re start out in a random country side and your carriage gets attacked by some unknown creature. You wake up in the middle of a wintery forest area and start to look for your carriage driver. You eventually venture into the abandon castle to find out you’ve been bitten. As it turns out the Lord of the castle called upon you to create a cure for this curse that plagues the castle.

The story is so so. It slowly draws you in and will put many to sleep at the same time. It gives little to no character development and still leaves holes in the story even at the end. For a ‘horror’ based game there is very little horror to the story seeing as it’s either laughably bad or easily defeated. They did take some unique turns in making a monster story, like making potions and cures. But it ends slightly cliché, even with two different endings. Don’t get me wrong the endings are nicely done, but you’ve probably seen them before.

The graphics are terribly dated, but that’s nothing new with Indy games. Even with dated graphics many have found a way to make them artistic looking or add some different qualities to enhance their limitations. One good example is Papers, Please. It’s a very stressful take on living in a 3rd world country as a boarder security guard. The graphs are utter crap. However shading and simple design help bring the game to a very dreary vivid world. With Guise Of The Wolf it very much reminds me of Theif 2, except it lacks most things. In many areas where a shadow would be cast on someone it shows them in regular lighting. Also many of the characters appear to be BRIGHTER then the surrounding area for some reason. Then when I’d load the game again it would do a 180 and show the complete opposite of what I stated above. Another thing that stand out is that many of the characters have very very limited movement. The guards of the castle seem to have 3, a women you meet in the kitchen seems to only have 2, and the main bad guy only has 4. Now sure it would be different if they were 2d, but this is a 3d world that would probably be a few more hours of coding to be a little lusher and it drains away from the submersion aspect of video games all together. To a certain extent the graphics set back the experience all together.

The controls are wonky to say the least. They start out smooth, but it seems there are too many unfinished parts of the game. So despite how many times you smash down a button it becomes more and more difficult to wiggle out of a glitch in a piece of scenery. Many times I found myself falling through the world or I would get stuck on invisible pieces of something that would render all the controls moot. Other times I would hit a button to perform a action and it just didn’t work. Like say if I wanted to take something. It wouldn’t grasp a clearly graspable object, but when I hit the same button seconds later it would pick up that same object.

In the end this was just a bad game. It was a good attempt for a indy developer. However due to the graphics and story it would have probably been higher rated if it was released years ago and put more time into it. With dated PlayStation 1 like graphics and bland story I can’t recommend it, but can’t say you shouldn’t avoid it either. Although I will say the things that they did well, like some of the voice acting, doesn’t do enough to redeem it completely. However for the more ADD ridden gamer they’ll find themselves bored and frustrated. So if you can get it for cheap buy it. It’s worth a few hours if your really bored. Unfortunately in the end it’s easily forgettable and a mildly regrettable experience.



The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds 3DS Video Game Review


Once again Hyrule is thrown into chaos when multiple people go missing. It all starts when Link witnesses a warlock named Yuga kidnapping, you guessed it, Zelda. Yuga states that he’s going to use her tri-force power to resurrect Gannon, and then disappears into a crack in the wall. Link then ventures through a dark void as a painting and winds up in Lorule, a alternate world of Hyrule. There he meets Princess Hilda who tells him in order to stop the resurrection of Gannon, and the distruction of both worlds, he needs to find the 7 sages that are trapped in paintings spread through out her kingdom.

This is probably one of the better Zelda stories to come out in a while. It plays complete homage to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, in many ways. So to a certain extent it seems like a sequel to the game. The story is a lot different then most of them, with the exception of the sages and how they hold some kind of magical power. To a certain extent the ending was worth seeing a lot of borrowed things from A Link to the Past.

It borrow some of the bosses, weapons, the alternate version of Hyrule, and characters. I didn’t mind the characters so much as I did the bosses. The bosses help define every Zelda game ever made. The most memorable thing about them is the fact that just about every boss is different and has unique ways of killing them. Even a few of them were down right scary. But when you see 6 of the 11 original bosses it kinda kills the experience of the new story.

Although one of the best dungeons EVER was in this game. It was the theifs den in Lorule. It was completely different from most of the dungeons ever made. It even had a NPC who helped you out a few times. It was nice for them to add this to the game, but since they didn’t expand on the NPC’s character development it was kinda a waste. This is something they should have expanded more on, and the Lorule town.

The other great thing about this one is that it plays a lot like most of it is a open world environment. You can casually switch between worlds and choose whatever dungeon you want at whatever time. Yes there are a few that won’t let continue until you have certain items, but 90% are bought from a merchant in your old house in Hyrule. So you become quickly over powered. Despite this fact the dungeons seem a little harder then the original so having all those tools doesn’t matter sometimes.

The strange thing is that they have random mini games through out the game. They don’t have a whole lot of depth, to me many of them just weren’t fun, and some had a stupid premise. One mini game was to avoid flying chickens. No. Really. You just walked around and avoid chickens. It was insanely easy. Another is driven around collecting rupies by whatever means. The only one that is challenging, frustrating, and fun, is the baseball game where your goal is to smash vases with a baseball. Although I have no idea how it works and has its own flaws.

If you have a 3DS this is a must have. The new mechanics let you chose just about whatever dungeon you want to do first. The graphics don’t add a whole lot of depth, but it’s still nice to see one of the most iconic video game characters of all time in 3D. However the art itself is great and adds a super colorful cartoonish feel to the world while still maintaining some kind of seriousness. The story is probably one of the better to come along in a while and the twist at the end is really nice. If you don’t screw around and do just the main story I think you’ll be in for a surprise. All in all you have about 5 days worth of playing if you don’t use any help and constantly grind on it.

This is a real treat for any Zelda fan or anyone who’s a fan of adventure games.


Deathspank Video Game Review


Format: PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360

Difficulty Played: Don’t Remember

WARNING: Mild Spoilers!

Deathspank is a comedy adventure based on a weird hero in a purple spedo (no I’m not kidding you) who goes on a medieval/steampunk quest to save the land from a tyrannical overlord named Lord Von Prong. Along the way he meet a slew of people who will help him defeat Von Prong, with some draw backs. You gradually venture through the world righting wrongs and helping other random people with simple tasks, like settling a married couples problems. Eventually you figure out what he’s doing and the destruction he’s done.

The gameplay is incredibly boring, despite the controls are easy to master. Most of the quests are nothing but fetch quests. You go to a certain location and either kill a certain creature a dozen or so times or find a certain item. Also it locks you out of certain areas before you’re anywhere near that level so it strips some exploration from you due to the fact that you can’t discover things early like in the Elder Scrolls series. All fighting is just clicking and popping potions. This doesn’t require any skill and only makes it more irritating when many areas can easily overwhelm you with enemies. The terrain is limited and lacks interactivity, despite it being well pixelated.

The graphics are lavishly cartoony and are well shaded. The 2d houses are a nice touch to the game because it leaves room so you can click behind the building and go around it. Other times it allows you to pick up items from enemies you’ve killed behind buildings. There are even areas that the depths in the terrain curves and makes it whole experience feel like you are truly trapped in a small world. To a certain extent it feels like a throw back to top down third person games even though a lot of the world seems like it trys to just round out everything and not over tax whatever system you’re playing it on.

I just completely hate the jokes. Out of all the dialogue and story, which is just bland, the jokes stand out for being the most terrible part of the game. To a certain extent I will admit that comedy is difficult to do in video games. However, after years of experiencing the gaming culture, and how many people take time to go out of their way to mock themselves, the jokes would fall short due to how generic they feel and simplicity of the jokes. Like they have a few pieces of armor that are given names to play off of other RPG cliches, like the Gauntlets of Awesomeness. Then they’ll have quests to get chicken lips and the reason the witch wants you to get them basically amounts to “Why not?” It’s just lame. Its like they’re late to the party and everyone has already talked about the shit they wanted to and are drunk or asleep. I’m not saying they need to change their humor but a lot of it is too intentional and forced.

I was disappointed by this game. People keep saying its hilarious or a good ‘comedy game.’ It was rarely funny and the few jokes that did make me chuckle was almost reminiscent of kid humor or some decent play on words. The gameplay was completely boring. There isn’t any real skill to it all. There’s even a option to let the system chose the best armor for you. At most you just need to stock up on potions and grind grind grind your way to level 20 and after that everything else is cake. Even older games like the original Diablo took more skill then this. Also the story, as said before is super generic.


77/100 – Metacritic Critic Reviews

7.9/10 – Metacritic User Reviews