Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Movie Review



In the long slew of gross out movies that Rob Corddry and Craig Robinson seem to be fond of making this is probably their darkest yet. The crew from the previous film is back, with exception to Adam (John Cusack), and are shoved into the future. There they try to find out what happens to Lou (Rob Corddry) and why people are trying to kill him. As they bumble about they run into a few new faces and they find out that his life, as well as a few others, are completely in shambles.

Now usually some sequels either extend the series or do a good job at filling all plot holes. This successfully only adds more plot holes and leaves the previous ones unanswered. They only briefly bring back Chevy Chase‘s character (the Hot Tub Repairman) for two sentences and then disappears again. Thus not answering why he’s there nor how he can just come and go as he pleases. They joke about Cusack‘s character disappearing and then don’t explain why. Then they form new plot holes like why Lou decided to become a jerk again since at the end of the previous movie he seemed rather generous with his friends and liked his son. So he went from loud lummox of the group, to being the most immoral person in the film. It’s suggested he slept with peoples wifes and did more drugs then before with reason as to why and would verbally abuse his coworkers. They also bring up Adam Jr (Adam Scott) who is suppose to be Adam’s son, but don’t explain that well.

The crux of any comedy is the jokes. They deviated from the previous formula they had and make just about every joke darker or gross. One of the grossest scenes in the movie highlights the slow moral degrade of most TV game shows, but it takes it too far when they do more then imply possible forced sexual acts. It ruined the latter half of the movie for me since it made me wonder if I heard sounds of rape or just someone who was grunting in pain due to a lot of electricity flowing through their body. Other times they are just hating on Jacob (Clark Duke) and it isn’t funny because most of it is from Lou and he has no room to talk. It’s a total oxymoron for someone who has poor impulse control to throw shade about his son who’s just hasn’t found himself yet.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 wasted a movie going experience by rehashing the previous storyline. With the small, and ignorable plot holes, of the previous movie were only exasperated in the fact that they were brought back up with stupid dialogue, and just as quickly dismiss. Then sprinkle some very disgusting humor and offset it with other forms of humor and it makes them feel largely incongruous. Quality doesn’t seem to mean anything this time since the jokes are guilty of being average or bland. None of the characters developed any and even at the end they are only slightly less crass. So it seemed like a fruitless endeavor for them.

I’d wait for this one on DVD before thinking about seeing it.



Fallout New Vegas PS3 Video Game Review


You’re some loaner out in the middle of nowhere in the ruins of Las Vegas, Nevada. You’ve been assigned to take a parcel to some address for unknown reasons. Along the way you get mugged by a sharp looking guy and a group of thugs. They steal your package and leave you for dead in some cemetery. You eventually come to and a doctor makes you aware that the town robot has dug you out of your unmarked grave and you’ve been patched up. Kinda.

As with all Fallout games you expect a great experience and the story is just that. It blends scifi, 50s technology and vibe, and does it all beautifully. The stories involved are very vivid and damn near completely compelling. Yeah it has some cliches and genera stereotypes, but for the most part it’s well written. The characters, and voice actors, do a great job making you care about them and their well being, even more ruthless ones like the Great Khans. The stories that intertwine help bring some depth to the peoples and their struggle. Also, many times, it pretty much displays no one as a true hero and shows everyone makes mistakes. The better thing about this game is the options. You can chose between factions and it has a impact on how they treat you. The guns can be upgraded to be lighter, more durable, etc. It gives you a great deal of more options when choosing how your character survives the wasteland.

The voice acting is the usual top quality stuff. You get a greedy and damaged character from Matthew Perry. Voice acting legend Jason Marsden comes back as a hard boiled and emotionally damaged sniper. Unlike his first role in Fallout 2 as a chem making asshole. All are quality performances, except the bit characters dialogue. Some seem hackney or hastily slapped together at the last minute. I doubt its the actual voice actors problem, but…well…I’ll give you a example. You’re talking to a MALE Brotherhood of Steel paladin and when you say Goodbye a female voice says Goodbye and the lips of the Paladin move. So either the character had a spontaneous sex change and his estrogen shot to ungodly levels or the coders screwed it up. Another irritating time is when I’m talking to ED-E, a robot companion in the game. A message comes over his speakers from the Brotherhood of Steel asking you to bring them the robot so they can analyze it. On the very last sentence it switches from a American accent to a very thick Middle Easter, or Indian, accent. WHAT THE HELL? It does this multiple times and is just completely weird.

I’m just warning you ahead of time that this is why I’m completely failing the game. The GRAPHICS and game itself isn’t terrible. The whole of it is just incredibly unstable! Its like they made the game to troll the crap out of the player. I have had to restart the PS3 multiple times due to it freezing or getting so slow that minutes will pass before anything happens. Like if I hit the left joystick telling my character to walk left it’ll sit there for a while, then it decides to walk left 5+ minutes after that. Many times when it tries to load a new area it goes to a slow crawl and either freezes or is so jittery it becomes to difficult to do anything. Other times characters, usually IMPORTANT ONES, will have various monsters spawn near them in the secluded and SAFE town that they live in and get killed. This usually happens AGES before you get to the quest that requires them. Also it seems to happen AT RANDOM. So very important, quest required, NCPs will be DEAD when you need them the most and for no logical reason. Other times if you have a companion they will lose important items you bought for them. Or if you go into a casino they’ll be stripped of them and you won’t get them back later. The list really goes on and on. Due to all these glitches and more it completely ruins the immersion feeling this series is known for. Instead of having quality face to face with the characters it’s all a jittery crash filled experience and quickly reminds me that I should have bought a better PC to play this.

The thing that frustrates me the most about this whole experience is that I have other games I need to get to, play, and review. I have other games fixed/patched/whatever, without GAME STOPPING GLITCHES, that run fine on the same game system. So if I ever get a new computer I won’t force myself to play this game again, seeing as it would probably be the same experience. So because they can’t seem to fix glitches, fix simple quest glitches, and stop NCPs items from randomly disappearing I’ve don’t have a choice but to give up on this game. When I play a game I want the whole story and for it to function correctly. This really isn’t the case.

Quality assurance should be a top priority of any games developer. Those who haven’t made it a priority have went bankrupt. After so many hours into this game and learning more of it’s lush lore and intriguing story line: it’s very apparent they just gave up at one point on the graphics, and how to load them. I am infuriated that such a great story was thrown to the way side because people don’t want to patch their damn game! This has been a totally upsetting experience because I love this series and this is the only one I’ve had so much trouble with. The crashing ruins the game for me because if it wasn’t for that factor alone I would be giving this game a 8.5/10. However, I just can’t.


Warm Bodies Movie Review


In some alternate future a zombie virus sweeps the world for unknown reasons. Eventually it leaves more then half the world devastated while the rest struggle to survive. Some zombies eventually learn, or try, to maintain a normal life and try to reform themselves. Some eventually learn to talk while others turn into more violent zombies, known as Boneies. A zombie named R (Nicholas Hoult), while narrating all of this, saves a girl named Julie from the rest of the people his group is eating. He eventually develops a relationship with her while trying to keep her from being eaten.

This is a really cute alternate love story compared to what’s come out recently. However, the movie comes with some mild irritations along the way. Like there’s once scene where R is telling Julie that he won’t eat her. He show’s his horrid mangled zombie teeth and then the rest of the film they look completely fine. Then there’s various discrepancies with the script.

The whole love story behind the couple is interesting, but it doesn’t show them develop much. It shows them basically running and trying to survive half the time. After that they do cute things together, but nothing too big. I know they don’t have much of a dialogue because ones a damn zombie, but it feels like it needed to be beefed up a little since he did learn how to talk. I guess it’s more of a focus on how love “heals all” but it’s really dorky in it’s approach. Also the whole process, and how zombies show their humanity again, is unique to the zombie genera and will probable deter some people from wanting to watch it. However despite all the dorkiness it does bring a warm feeling to the whole movie considering how many characters help bring the two together.

Some of the stronger moments of the film would be cliché if it wasn’t how they carried them out. Like there’s one part where M (Rob Corddry) tries to convene R to eat Julie. Eventually they are loud enough that it calls the attention of Bonies that can hear/smell/see humans better then the average zombies. Now instead of being a complete stereotype and trying to eat her anyway M eventually helps them escape. Then Nora (Analeigh Tipton) instead of freaking out at R she has a really long funny montage trying to help R blend in with the humans.


Most of the cast does relatively well acting. Nicholas Hoult (R in the movie) does relatively well, but looks incredibly stoned sometimes. Also some of his monotone narration might grind on you after a while. I want to say he narrates more then half the movie. He’s a nice addition to Hollywood due to his different facial aesthetics and his ability. Teresa Palmer was OK but I mostly found her acting mildly bland, but I can’t really hold that against her since I think that’s mostly how her character is writen and despite the fact that this is a ROMANCE movie more then half the movie is about Nicholas Hoult‘s characters struggles rather then her.

However the two that stood out were Rob Corddry and Analeigh Tipton. Corddry brings a softer tone to the horror movie, especially in some scenes. He does really well delivering some of the funnier moments in the movie which take skill since they’re very subtle jokes. To a certain extent I’d like to see him in a Bro-mance, like some of Paul Rudd‘s movies, due to his performance in this. Analeigh Tipton does a really decent job playing the nerdy girl side kick to Teresa Palmer. The only reason I was disappointed with her was due to the scripting. She was only in maybe less then a third of the movie and after being rather impressed with her performance in Crazy, Stupid, Love I thought I’d see more of her. Also John Malkovich does a really decent job as the authoritative father figure, but it’s a role we’re all familiar seeing him in. For whatever reason he brings a touch of ‘smart & crazy’ to the character which is almost one of his trade marks.

If you want something that’s funny, and not some cheesy crap like Twilight, then watch this. It maintains the true elements of a zombie film while still catering to the romance crowd and neither story elements overwhelms the other. Also the side stories don’t take up too much time to explain and don’t get in the way of the main story. It’s really heart warming and light despite some mild gore and violent scenes.


7.3/10 – IMDB