Y u no post reviews?

I’ve been having a writing lull lately and haven’t had the energy to write reviews. The difficult thing of writing reviews is trying to find the right words to say to give constructive criticism and editing them. Also I’ve ran into a large slump of movies that aren’t good enough to review, but not bad enough recommend. In other words they ranged from 4.0/10 to 6.0/10, but really don’t stand out in any way. Besides it isn’t like I do this as a job. I don’t plan on quitting reviewing, but due to problems in my life I’ll be on the internet less. So that’s another reason for me posting less reviews. I also don’t feel inclinde to review a movie that’s been reviewed a million and 4 times, like the Avengers. But none-the-less more are coming, just not as soon as I’d like.


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